Friday bits and a computer delivered

Finished up with the computer for my father about 2 am this morning. Left it on overnight and then checked it out again after getting up. Everything was still working fine so figured it would be good to go. Went over and got in a couple of hours working on the forklift. Verified the ground through the horn wiring and hooked it all up. Still no battery level indication. Checked for voltage at the meter and it was now present so from that determined the meter was defective in some manner. Disconnected it and checked the external resister which had been shorted out and burned up (from the looks of it anyway). Was able to determine the value of it and build another one. Hooked it up and now have battery charge indication. Still no forward/reverse drive. Dug in the zener diode stock and used 3 16 volt 1 watt devices to build a 48 volt spike suppressor for the accelerator potentiometer. And at that point came back over here, ate lunch, got a shower, and got ready to take the computer to it’s new home. Unhooked it, loaded it and a pile of video cards into the truck and went that way. After a bit of moving stuff around and rearranging things got it installed and showed my father how to use Linux. Not sure how much of it he got but by the time I left he was playing cards and much happier with it than the old machine it replaced that had been running Windows ME. After getting his set up went into my mothers office and installed a video card in her computer replacing the onboard video, which about doubled the apparent speed. After getting it put in also installed Ad Block Pro which sped up her browsing by quite a bit. So she had a BIG smile on her face. Twas like a whole new twice as fast computer. Now I just have to get the hard drive out of the old machine, clean it off and check it for problems and take it back over and install it in her machine to put Linux Mint on. She liked what she played with the other day and is interested in learning more about it, especially since seeing it run on dads machine.

Came back here and cut a pile of firewood for the next few days of cooler temps. Then came in and started on the computer I brought back. Was gonna use it as a print server but after fooling with it for way too long have decided to strip it for usable parts and consign it to the junk pile. Will go across in the morning and haul back another machine I found while hunting parts yesterday. It’s around a 1 ghz motherboard and I located several cases upstairs this evening while hunting video cards that it will fit in. I may set it up as a online file server with several hard drives. It seems like that motherboard has dual ide ports/channels(?) and will take 8 devices. Don’t remember for sure but I think that is the one. If so will work rather well for that purpose.

For now am gonna call it a night. So till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Friday bits and a computer delivered”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Hallelujah! The computer lives! (I was beginning to wonder–I’m sure you did a couple of times too…) Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes it gives you indigestion….

    Had a Friday. Went OK. Spent the morning doing a few things, and making a non-coaster DVD. For a change. Did a minor walkabout at the elementary school, and then went to lunch. Two of my high school teachers (a married couple) came in right after I did and we wound up talking the entire time I was there. Showing how life works, I went to the high school and scanning some pictures from an annual in the 60s, and one of the teachers I had just talked to was in it. Isn’t it strange how things line up sometimes? Moved some computers into one of the rooms in the new wing at the high school in anticipation of them starting class in that particular room Monday. Moving the computers went just fine, the only problem I had was with one of the desks. It’s a computer desk by Rubbermaid, of all people, and I had to “modify” it to get it to work. It’s made of plastic pieces that snap together, and I have always had an interesting time with these things. We have several, though not as many as we once had. A metal brace that I wasn’t even aware of had come loose (would you believe it was held in place by TAPE. That’s right–double-sided adhesive tape.) and had to be removed. It will work OK for a while, at least. I probably spent more time “fixing” the desk than I did setting up two computers, including making an ethernet cable. Oh, well, it got done.

    Just had a little break (about an hour and a half) in this narrative whilst I went and purchased/made breakfast. We’ll be leaving for “Walking with Dinosaurs” at the BJCC in a little while–ought to be good.

    Enjoy the wonderful weather today. It won’t last…


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