Saturday working on another computer

Went across to the other trailer this am and got the computer pieces and brought them back over, collected together the other bits and pieces and put them all together. And it came up. For a minute and then froze. Had put all 3 sticks of 512 meg ram in. Found the really bad stick and removed it and rebooted. Came up. Booted into Peanut Linux and let me do a few things then froze again. Got to looking at the mother board and noted that one of the fans was not running. Got some lighter fluid and oil and got it freed up and running. Restarted the computer and booted into peanut again. Ran a bit longer this time and froze again. Pulled the CPU fan and heat sink and cleaned them good and reinstalled them. Now would not even try to come up. Pulled the mother board and cleaned the rest of the dust and such off and tried again. No dice. Located and replaced the CPU with a 1.2ghz chip I found in another carcass. Put a video card and hooked the power supply and front panel controls up and started it up. Beeped at me that there was no ram so shut it down and put 1 stick in and started it up again. Came up! Back off and put the network card, hard drives and cdrom, and other two sticks of ram in and tried it again. Back up and booted into Peanut, or started to. Got errors. Took one stick of the 512 out, leaving one 256 and one 512 in. Back to about the same point and errors. Took the other stick of 512 out and put two 128 sticks in along with the 256. Came up and ran fine. Guess all 3 sticks are bad. 😦 Got it up and installed Peanut on the 80 gb hd that I had found that seemed (important word here) good. About half the way through the install it clicked a few times. Bad sign. But then booted fine after the install was finished. Tried a few things and then tried to watch Hulu. REAL jerky picture. Shut it down and booted with Linux Mint and tried it again. Still a bit jerky but even running from the cd not near as bad as with the old Firefox under Peanut. So started the Mint install. HD started clicking again and failed to reboot when the install was done. Tried one more time and then put a old 40 gb drive in which it installed on fine. Found a slightly newer AGP video card and put in and the video is almost watchable now. Still a bit jerky but not gonna use it as the main machine anyway so will do fine till I can find something else to replace it with. After all it’s just gonna be a print server till I can get a much bigger hd to put in it for network storage. And I was right in remembering that it would handle 8 ide devices. Course will have to get a much better/bigger power supply to run them all.

And that has been most all the day. From the weather report am gonna have to get out tomorrow and get some more wood cut. Don’t think what I have right now will last through the next few days of cold weather. For now am gonna go and read a bit then call it a night. Till tomorrow…


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One Response to “Saturday working on another computer”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like the usual fun. Try and replace, try and replace…eventually you get there, “there” being either a functional machine, or a new doorstop. YMMV.

    Went to see the “Walking with Dinosaurs” thing in B’ham yesterday. Pretty neat! Had the whole family doing something together for a change. We had a good time, though the son stewed with the GPS on his phone all the way there and then part of the way back before he got it going. Once he did, it was pretty neat to see the readout as to where we were, how fast we were going (it gave speeds about 2 to 3 mph slower than the speedometer–not sure which is off, probably the speedometer), and the mileage to the next turn. We ate at Golden Corral in Roebuck on the way home–it was a zoo there, people-wise, but the food was good. Especially the steak. Will settle for Western Sizzlin, though, if not in B’ham. Wouldn’t drive over just for that. Not that much I WILL drive over for, in any category.

    Came home and went to bed early–tiring day, if fun. Got up and ate breakfast, and have been surfing and such. Going to Edward’s soon and get the makings for broccoli casserole–going to the wife’s sister’s house for a family (in-laws, in my case) dinner after church. Words cannot express my joy at the anticipation of that. (Is it possible to show sarcasm tags?) If we could just sit around and talk, that would be OK, though at times that gets lively too (politics and religion are always good topics to avoid, especially there at times), but someone always wants to play cards, or something. Nothing personal, but Sunday afternoon I am often “out of gas” (figuratively if not actually, depending on the menu of the previous meal) and talking with folks is just fine with me. Will have to be bribed/heavily threatened to involve myself in much more than talking–could happen, we’ll see.

    Am staring at my desktop right now–or, more accurately, where I think my desktop is. Can’t see it for all the junk. Wanted to clean it up Friday afternoon when I got home, but had moved some computers/furniture around at work, and was just too tired. Yesterday was busy, and today promises to be also. Oh, well, I think I’ll go to Edwards and get the stuff, and see what I can do while it cooks.
    We’ll be going to the 11:00 service, but nothing else, it looks like.

    Have a good day!


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