Sunday done

Have spent most of the day sorting problems with network and the computers. One problem that I solved has been the ongoing problem with the inability to print from any machine but the one it is hooked up to. Things had been working fine and then about 3 weeks ago I needed to print and got a access denied. Was in a hurry so im’ed Cat the url and got it printed which solved the problem till next time I needed to print something. Did what I thought should correct the problem but to no avail. Finally yesterday evening I was setting up the new print server machine and ran the smptree command to look at the samba shares on the net and got the access denied bit on every machine on the net but the machine it was being run from. And an unknown IP address being unable to find the addresses. Called it a night soon after but this morning with a somewhat clearer head sat down and ran the command from another machine to receive the same response. Did a whois on the ip address(s) and it came back that they belonged to opendns which is a service I switched over to sometime back to help combat the confictor worm. Seems that they had changed some settings or something about 3 or 4 weeks ago and quite a few folks home networks quit working. After sifting through the piles of bs and such on the forums found that to correct the problem you have to add the names of each machine to the exemptions at opendns and then all is well again. Which I did. For all 5 of our machines. So now we can print and access them all again! Tis quite nice. And still really pisses me off that it happened in the first place. And their responses to it. But tis fixed and life goes on…

Changed out the cpu fan in the new machine as the one that was in it got louder and louder as the night went on. Mounted the other hard drive and set up file sharing on one folder. Am done for now till we figure out where to set it up with the laser writer. Suspect it will end up in the living room with a bit of rearranging and be used both as a print server, file server, guest computer, and music/media player.

Made a trip to Wally World and got some fuel as well as milk, eggs, rice, and a few other assorted items. Or Cat did while I sat in the truck and read. Back home and stuff put up, I went out and after fueling the chain saw, cut up enough wood to carry us through the next few cold days. I hope. Hope to get out tomorrow and cut a bit more but even if I don’t make it we should have enough.

Back in and spent some time on the iBook setting up xfce on Debian to look and act a bit closer to Xubuntu. Found earlier that Dolphin (KDE 4’s file browser) was the easiest way to access the local network so went to add it to the iBook but had to use D3lphin instead which is a hacked Dolphin that works on KDE 3, as it appears that 4 isn’t available for the iBook architecture yet. Got it installed and was able to play mp3’s off of this machine over the network with a click. Quite nice… 🙂

Have spent the time since supper doing a bit of graphics cleanup and enlargement, trying to get the PDF files of the wiring on the forklift, large enough and clear enough to be usable. One is really good and the other is (I hope) usable. Now if the weather will let up for a bit, I hope to get it finished in the next day or two.

And for now am gonna read a bit and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Interesting about the openDNS. Since I am a noob about DNS (I have a rather vague idea of how it works–well, more than vague, but definitely less than clear–it hadn’t occurred to me that it would be handling DNS for the entire network–peer to peer, that is–I was just thinking about the Internets. But of course somebody has to drive in the network, too. Gotta read up some, I need to get a file/print/media server going too. Got a lot of stuff to back up, and a lot of stuff I want to listen to/watch.

    Yesterday went OK. We went only to the 11:00 church service because we had to get some stuff ready for lunch at the wife’s sister’s house. Got over there and ate, and had a pretty good time. The wife played bridge, the daughter did some Wii stuff, I talked and read some. Got home about 8 something. Am up now and trying to get the eyeballs to track and such. Work again. Yippee!

    Have a good day!


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