Monday spent moving stuff

Mostly from A to B and back again. Though we have made some progress, it seems like we’re backing up. Started with needing to move a coffee table out of the living room to make room to get to other things. Which entailed clearing out most of the storage room and rearranging it and then moving the coffee table into one end and then moving display/sales cases of embroidery thread from the upstairs bedroom down to put on it. Of course in the process I had to clear off a few shelves of books and other stuff to make room for more books and other stuff. And am nowhere near to moving the tv from the living room to the upstairs bedroom, which is one of the next big moves. That’s so I can move the new (to us) BIG speakers where the tv is now. After we move all the cd’s and dvd’s and other stereo equipment and several shelves out of the way. Still not sure that it won’t involve moving the shelves with all the glass and assorted junk on them too. If it goes that far I’ll end up rebuilding all of the shelving in that part of the living room and adding a lot more to the mix. The tv move is gonna be fun too, as it will involve building a number of shelves up there to hold the dvd’s and I figure I may as well build in as many more book shelves as I can while I’m at it. For now I’m gonna do a bit of reading and hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Monday spent moving stuff”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sequential vortex time. Ah, I know it well…do the thing you need to do to do the thing you need to do to do the thing you need to do so that you can do the thing you actually fricking started out to do, if you can even remember WTF it was.

    Had a pretty good Monday. Got some minor things done, here and there, started on a project I need to have done next week, and fought a virus/possible rootkit. Losing so far, but about to bring out heavier artillery. Will try scanning the drive as a slave drive, and if that doesn’t work, will wipe/clone/set up anew. Hope the “dead scan” works–much less time/effort. But what it takes is what it takes…

    Another day, another dollar. At this rate, I think I’ll pass on becoming a millionaire, thank you…


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