There and back again day

Got up, loaded the cold stuff in the truck and headed to Calcis. Stopped at Food World in Pell City to get some chips to go with the sandwiches for lunch. Ate at our usual spot under the trees by the boat launch just south of the Big Bull Restaurant on 231, then headed on down. Got there and unloaded, then Cat started on the computer and I sat in the truck and read. She finished up and we came back, with a stop at Food Land in Alexandria on the way in. Got here, moved a water heater Steve dropped off this morning, to under the shed around back to keep it from getting soaked in the coming rain. Came in and read a while and then cooked and ate supper. First rain hit and I remembered to move the truck to the field prior to the coming storms. Am about to go and read a bit more and then hit the sack to try to get a bit of sleep before the weather alerts get us up. Till tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “There and back again day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I trust you found the power supplies also…

    I had an interesting day. Went into town and got the water heater, and five Macbooks. Dropped off the water heater and power supplies at your place, and then went home. Used a program called Carbon Copy Cloner to make a copy of the hard drive in the Macbook I have been setting up/playing with all week, and then tried to boot from it with the other machines. That didn’t work, but early in the OS X setup it asks if I wanted to copy anything from any of the volumes, I said “Yes!”, and it copied everything I needed copied in less than 10 minutes. That’s measured time–after I had done a couple and knew what I was doing, I could boot, do the setup, change the name of the machine while checking to be sure that things worked as they were supposed to, and have it shut down in less right at ten minutes, a little less. It took a little over an hour and a half to do five machines, and 30+ minutes of that was making the copy. Really cool!

    Carried the Macbooks back and went to Wally World to get a few things, then went back home. Finished up with the computer desk cleaning I started with yesterday–shredded a BUNCH of papers (mainly receipts) from last year that we no longer need. If I had some way to burn them, I would, but honestly making sure that everything burns completely and doesn’t float away to start a fire is a PITA. I’ve been there, got the sweaty t-shirt…

    Not much else to the evening, about to call it one meself. Have a good one!


  2. Steve Says:

    Sitting in here cloning/updating Macbooks, and reading about Linux Mint. It looks neat, and the PDF tutorial (at least so far) is absolutely the best one I have ever seen for ANY operating system. And I have seen a few, unfortunately…usually they make you want to run screaming (either they are so geeky that if you understand it you don’t need the d**n thing anyway, or writing to a slow 8-year-old and leave out TONS of stuff because it would be “too hard to understand”) and tearing out your hair. This one seems to be informative without “geeking out” or talking down. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to load it on something. Soon.

    The Macs are nice, no doubt. Different, but that is not a bad thing. It’s still point-and-click for the most part. Relearning things I had forgotten, and some more that weren’t around when I did do the Mac OS all the time. Learning is. Of course, updating a group of machines is the same drudgery no matter WHAT OS you’re running. I’ll get there….Only about 9 to go in this batch, and then about 46 more…..


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