Microsofties talking out their arses again

Title edited (a bit) for whatever reason… πŸ˜‰
Slashdot | Vista Post-SP2 Is the Safest OS On the Planet

pkluss noted Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft making the proclamation that “Vista today, post-Service Pack 2, which is now in the marketplace, is the safest, most reliable OS we’ve ever built. It’s also the most secure OS on the planet, including Linux and open source and Apple Leopard. It’s the safest and most secure OS on the planet today.”

It may be somewhat safer than XP, but it still needs an unreasonable amount of antispyware, firewall, and antivirus programs to be connected to any internet connection so I find the above statement to be rather over the top. Of course it also needs the largest amount of ram of any current GUI platform just for the operating system to run in. And I personally will never run it on anything I own. Have got Cat dual booting XP and Linux Mint and my father’s machine running nothing but Mint and am fixing to install another hard drive in my mothers computer so she can dual boot Mint and XP, and I think if the stuff she needs that’s not available on Linux will run under wine she will happily stay with Mint and she has been running Microsoft OS’s since Windows 3.1. Nuff said…


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4 Responses to “Microsofties talking out their arses again”

  1. Steve Says:

    Maybe I can get something going with Mint this weekend, even though it looks like I will have to do the furniture moving thing to get the Ethernet going in the bedroom, or do a wireless bridge (again). Sigh…

    Had a pretty good day yesterday. Finished setting up the 16 Macbooks I have been setting up. Of course, once I finish the training (and the one-on-one brain-picking I plan to do with the guy doing the training) I will probably be using either the Mac server(s) and/or a Firewire Target Disk Mode to redo everything. It should be a lot faster that way, actually. We’ll see. I know you hate the closed system that Apple has (and no argument there, though it is no more closed than Windows is–as if that were saying something ) but say what you want, OS X is NEAT! Of course, Mac has always beat Windoze overall in so many ways it isn’t funny. Yes, Windoze does some things better, but Mac OS is just plain easy and fun. Now I want a Macbook….

    And on the other hand, I have spent CONSIDERABLE time in the past week/day fighting viruses/malware/trojans/whatever this kaka is on several machines. And I have two other machines waiting–I’m trying to find something to remove the latest thing now. REALLY makes me yearn for Mac, or Linux.

    Well, running out of time for lunch, I’ll be back later. I did enable your RSS feed on the screensaver on the Macbook I’m using, only to have “Microsofties talking out their arseholes again” come up on the screen when I tried it out. I knew better, but did it anyway…I don’t think anyone saw it….at least you used the English spelling….


    • depatty Says:

      Sorry about that. Twas late and I saw the post on /. and went with my feelings on the matter. Will see about keeping it somewhat cleaner. The titles anyway… πŸ˜‰


  2. Steve Says:

    Oh, yeah, I like one of the comments I saw about Vista SP2 being the most secure OS on the planet: of COURSE it is, it isn’t RUNNING anywhere yet, so it is VERY secure.

    Too true, too true…


  3. Steve Goodwin Says:

    No problem. Like I said, you used the English spelling so…and anyway, I try to keep my screen at least partially shielded, you never know what a random link will bring up. One thing about the Macbooks, the off-angle viewing isn’t that great–colors go to hell quickly, and that often makes it hard to see what is on the screen. That can be a GOOD thing, which is why I think they (Apple) don’t seem too concerned about it. Or other manufacturers of laptops…


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