Puppy on flash drive

Just got Puppy 4.2 K installed on the flash drive but used the installer from the CD rather than the one in the previous post. Got Firefox 3 downloaded and it installed without a problem even though it wasn’t a puppy specific file. The version of Skype that puppy installs is an older version and I’m gonna try to get the new version from the Skype site here in a few. Only problem I have had so far is not hitting the desktop save button before I restarted a little while ago, so lost the Firefox link I had put on the desktop. It had saved the files but not the desktop. Haven’t tried restarting again since saving the session so not sure if it will keep it or not. The distro is QUITE fast except for the boot and it said it would be faster the next time, but as I saved the persistence stuff to the flash drive instead of a hard drive am not sure. Will reboot in a bit and see. Still having some trouble figuring out how some things work in Puppy. Microphone volume is too low to be usable with Skype. In the other distros I have used, a right click on the sound/speaker icon in the task bar would bring a window up that had access to switches with a 20db amplification switch for the mic but this one only brings up a window with slide controls. Will keep digging.


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