Better I think

Have been out doing things today for the first time this week so guess I am getting over whatever has had me in it’s not so pleasant grip. The guy I talked with yesterday afternoon wants one of the pieces of junk equipment I have over here, so this afternoon spent some time with the tractor gathering some of the pieces up and putting them where they can be loaded with minimum trouble. Still got to get another truckload or two of other bits and move them but at least got started on it. Also spent some time with the forklift. Seemed to trace the problem to the module that had not been replaced but after taking it apart and going over it was unable to locate any defective components so reassembled it and put it back in. Tried the machine once more and still getting pump operation but no motor drive. Will get back on it tomorrow. Starting to get my head wrapped around the circuitry a bit so maybe will be able to figure it out soon. For now am gonna get another cup of decaf tea and chamomile and go back up and read a bit longer then crash. Till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I had a Friday. I have always thought that the main difference between Friday and Monday is the day that follows. Yesterday was such a day. It was “moving in” day at the new wind of the high school, and chaos prevailed. That’s really a little unkind, because chaos ALWAYS prevails during moving day, in my experience. As moving days go, it was not bad. But it was still a moving day. It was constant stuff all day long. When I finally left a little after five (I was the last one out of the building by a pretty good margin) I had all the teachers hooked up and ready for Monday (at least as far as network access goes–still some other details to hook up) and much other stuff at least in the room it goes to. Other details to be worked out (by other people than me) having to do with furniture, and placement thereof, and so forth. Some sturm and drang here and there, but I stayed out of it by saying I’m supposed to get the computers hooked up and that’s all I’m supposed to do. Not that I am against helping however I can, but I am against getting involved in turf wars that don’t involve me. I have enough problems without getting into that. The turf spats should work out–everyone is stressed during moving, and of course life keeps going on with other things that must be done, which stirs the pot a little bit. Of course, since the overwhelming majority of students in the wing are 7th graders they were polite, quiet, and infinitely helpful. (The lack of the ability to add a sarcasm tag here is a real pain.) I called it “The Zoo” yesterday, and that was pretty apt. Except the animals don’t get to wander as much as everyone did yesterday. Can’t say it was anything but expected, and actually better than I thought it would be. My hat is off to the 7th grade teachers–if I were one, I would be up on homicide charges very quickly…

    Got lunch/supper on the way home (I had nothing but water from breakfast to supper, which didn’t hurt, of course–I actually didn’t have much time to BE hungry), ate, and pretty much collapsed. The wife and daughter are at Callaway Gardens with her folks, so I just went to sleep unofficially about 7 something (when I passed out trying to watch something) and officially about 8:30 (when I got into bed for real with CPAP and all). Wife called about 10:30 and we talked a while, and I wound up staying up till about 12:30 then went back to sleep with the Rock Classics station playing on the TV. Made for interesting dreams.

    Well, about to set up some stuff and see if I can get Ubuntu with antivirus loaded on a thumb drive. Wish me luck! Have a good day!


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