Still under the weather

Spoke too soon yesterday. Got a chest full today. Guess it’s the pollen still/again. Did get out and pickup a few things. One item was an 8 gb thumb drive that when we got back home I reformated to ext2 to install Debian on. 4 hours later after it finishes installing it doesn’t boot. I boot back into Xubuntu and put the drive back in and am told that it can’t be mounted. Try gparted and it looks ok. Try another program and it says it’s a fat32 partition. Fdisk won’t open it. Think I am gonna give it up for the night and try some other things tomorrow. Not sure what Debian has against me but tis being a real challenge to get it up and running for some reason. For now am gonna read a bit and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Still under the weather”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I know what you mean. I found that Antivir has a boot disk (Linux, of course) with their antivirus program on it that they update several times a day. Sounded like just the thing, so I downloaded it and burned it. Ran it on the machine I am working on with the Bad Stuff on it and it found it all. After I installed more RAM. (There was 256 MB in it, and it said it might not run–try it anyway? I did, and it locked up after a minute and a half. I guess it takes a lot of RAM to run antivirus software without a disk. So I added 512 MB more, and it did fine.) Also, it found it, but it wouldn’t/couldn’t delete it. I said WTF? So, I reset the configuration to rename the things it found if it couldn’t delete it, and it did that. Added .xxx to the end of them. Then I made a list of where/what they were, and shut down. Then I rebooted to Ubuntu and went in and manually deleted the files. Didn’t really take long, as in several cases they were in the “Local settings/Temp” folder, which I just deleted en masse. Rebooted to XP, and it was just fine. “And there was much rejoicing!” Now I have to contact someone else and get their laptop and do the same. And I have a machine at work that is going to be wiped anyway that I will try it on also. Fun, fun, fun! At least I found something that works…

    Other than the computer fun, I mostly stayed inside yesterday–WAY too much pollen around. If I stay in, I just feel a little edgy with a hint of dizziness, but if I go out for long at all (like five minutes!) my head starts to hurt and feel not so good. Have, uh, “intestinal difficulties” that I believe are pollen-related also–happens every year about this time. This too, shall pass. Hopefully soon.

    Well, need to get up and check out some things. I have transferred LinuxMint over to the machine with a DVD burner so I can boot it, and will soon hook up a machine to try it on. BTW, do you know where the motherboards we got from John are? I may have a motherboard here that will take one of the processors. I’ll have to check and see what board/processor type it is, but I’m thinking it will probably swap. And I would rather have a PIV 2.4 MHz or whatever they are than a Celeron 1.7 GHz or whatever this is. If you know where they are, please let me know and I may swing by sometime and get one and see if it will swap. Come to think of it, I have another machine that used to be the son’s/the daughter’s that would almost certainly take one of those processors, and go from a Celeron to a PIV. Might be getting that machine ready for the wife’s best friend to use, don’t know at the moment. If so, I might put LinuxMint on it. We’ll see….

    Have a good day, and hope you feel better today. Stay inside, that helps me…


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