Twas a day

Went to the Ohatchee library this morning to see what they had for sale as we have seen books from there in several of the thrift shops around here. Picked up a few of the very limited for sale selection. Small place with a surprising number of new titles on the shelves. From there went north on 77 and just missed the Southside libraries closing of 12 noon. Went on into Rainbow city and came out of their library with all arms full of sacks of books. Very reasonable prices and a huge selection of stuff for sale. Next stop was the Food World in the Rainbow Plaza for food for lunch and then we headed home. Unloaded stuff and did a bit on the computer then talked to Steve and Bill for a short time before heading to the weekly auction at the old Cedar Springs School. Did a bit of bidding and won a few things. Spent more than I had planned but got some stuff to fix a couple of things too so did ok. Talked to one of the guys that worked the place and he invited us to one they hold in Heflin on Fri and Sat nights. With my night blindness not sure we will be going unless we can find someone else that is interested in going to ride with. Anyway came home and ate and have been doing computer things since. For now am gonna read a bit then call it a night. Will see what the morrow brings when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas an OK day for me, I guess. Ended up staying at the elementary school all day–meant to get to the high school, but things kept popping up and by the time I could have gotten away the day was almost gone. So I stayed a little longer and got a few wrinkles ironed out. Went by your place and then home. The wife is doing better, but still mending. Made hash for supper last night and used Mexican Velveeta (which I had picked up by accident rather than the regular stuff–it was the large size and I hadn’t SEEN a large Mexican one in YEARS) and it was rather good. Put the dishes on and after Deadliest Catch went on to bed. Got up in the night with my pollen-related trots and took some medicine. Feeling some better now, but still have that “uneasy” feeling, as they say in the commercials. Worked on a couple of laptops last night too while cooking and such–wiped one and ran RAM tests on it, then started installing XP. I’m thinking it had file corruption, thought it might be the drive itself but so far it is doing fine. The other one was supposed to have some of the new Bad Stuff on it, but I’ll be switched if I can find ANYTHING on the blessed thing. Defragging now and am going to give it back and see what happens. I mean, there doesn’t seem to be ANY spyware, viruses, anything on it at ALL. Beginning to wonder if he wasn’t on a fake website that was doing it, but supposedly it kept doing it even after the browser was closed, and after reboots. I dunno, these things are weird…

    Well, have a good day!


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