Weary Wednesday

Spent some time with the forklift this morning. Gave it up as a bad job around noon. Totally worn out for some reason and in a bad mood too boot. Fought with computers for a bit and spent some time reading. Then spent some more time with the computers. Closing in on dark, took a break and went to Steve’s to pick up a cable that I needed to finish up a repair/install. Aside to Steve: You were right, the cable was plenty long. Faulty memory to go along with the bad mood today. Got back and installed the cable and fixed and ate supper then went back to the couch and book. Am fixing to go back and finish the evening out there. So until tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Weary Wednesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Glad it was long enough. I’m still a little miffed about the Pavilion power supply with the 20-pin connector that was 1/2″ too short. Made my day.

    Spent time at both schools yesterday. A little of this and that at the high school, mostly successful. One task illustrated the need to finish up one of the things we have started. Of course, there are SEVERAL things like that…so many task, so little time. Oh, well, byte by byte eats the gigabyte, it just takes a while…

    Did lunch and got gas and went to the elementary school, where I hit my head against the wall with another couple of things. Some things are just badly designed. I mean, when you have to unhook, unplug, uninstall, reboot, install, reboot, hookup, and then plug up again just as a NORMAL routine of upgrading a driver, SOMETHING is wrong with your design, methinks. Driver updates are a normal part of computer life, and having to undo/redo everything just to do an update is ridiculous. Now I have to try a firmware update. Don’t ask what I have to do to get that accomplished…

    Came home, and y’all came over for a while, which was nice. Cooked supper, and called it a night. Tried to find some drivers for a Thinkpad–well, didn’t TRY, I FOUND drivers for it–106 of them, as a matter of fact, in no grouping/order at all. I guess Wednesday was Earth day, AND Bad Design day.

    Today, however, will be better, right? Right? Oh, well, it will be, anyway…have a good one!


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