Tired Thursday

Another weary day in which I have gotten next to nothing done other than to download and install the Ubuntu 9.0.4 update. Am seeding the torrent now, trying to pay back a bit of bandwidth to the community, though I think Cable One is throttling my connection on the torrent. Whatever, I’ll still leave it running till I upload at least as much data as I downloaded. Haven’t done much on the computer since getting the install finished so not sure what all the changes are. Update went rather smooth though it took a couple of hours even after the cd was burned. Am gonna go back to my couch and book for the evening. Not doing too well being upright so will try again tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Tired Thursday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I’m still doing about the same with the pollen effects. At least after the medicine kicks in I’m usually OK for the day, with occasional episodes. Hope you get to feeling better soon. The wife is doing much better, I’m glad that she stayed out of work for a couple of days. If she had tried to work with this, I don’t think it would have been a Good Thing.

    Had a reasonable Thursday. Did not go quite as planned. Did get some stuff done though, but not quite what I had meant to do. As long as stuff gets done, you have to keep a “rigid flexibility” in life. Things change, and you must change with them. Ooommmmmm….

    Downloading Ubuntu now, going to try and load SOMETHING on SOMETHING this weekend. As well as saw a few limbs off of some trees around here. A mix of inside/outside work. Once the pollen starts kicking in good I am heading back inside though–the limbs will wait it the head starts to explode.

    Well, got to go find a blasted wireless driver for that Thinkpad. Did the activation/updates with Ethernet–have a cable snaking across the floor now, AAMOF. But need to get the wireless going. No problems with the machine since I wiped/reloaded it, guess it was file corruption. It happens.

    Have a good day!


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