On the couch day

Been a lot of them lately, and today was another. Hoping tomorrow will be more productive. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “On the couch day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    It was a Friday. Got some stuff done, the usual random things at both schools. By the time I got to the point where I could get into some real tasks (defined as taking 3-4 hours to complete a good bit of work) it was 3:30, and I wasn’t about to hang around that long. So, I went to Sonic and took advantage of Happy Hour and went home, where a Kirby salesman was trying to sell the wife a $2000 vacuum cleaner–only$999 for the demo unit he had, with the same lifetime (3-year) warranty. I told him we couldn’t afford the new one, maybe the demo unit, then went online and found enough stuff about the Kirby company and its salesmen to convince my wife we had better things to do with our money. Did get some stuff out of the bedroom carpet from the deal, anyway. He called (and didn’t turn the phone off, which led to my daughter having to call my son after he got home so as to get in touch with me) and his compatriots came to pick him up in a van. After he loaded up, the police came and talked with them before they got out of the driveway. The wife saw/heard this, I didn’t even notice. She was heading out to go do something with a friend, and eavesdropped on the conversation. She was blocked from getting out by the van/police car. From what she could pick out, apparently there was some question as to whether the salespeople had the proper permits to be pushing their wares. I guess someone called the police and complained–’twasn’t me.

    Spent the balance of the evening in Driver Hell getting the Thinkpad I have been reloading up to speed. Everything works now, as far as I can tell, but there is still an “unknown on Intel 82810fbm plc” that is not working. Whatever the hell THAT is. I went online and searched (as you can tell from the fact that I typed the above name without having to look ANYTHING up) but none of the information did any good. Well, the sound works now (which was a pain), it plays movies with VLC, wireless and Ethernet work, and it seems to be just hunky-dory, so whatever it is should be fine. I even loaded a card reader (and I haven’t seen a card reader on this thing yet) and that got rid of a “Base system device” error in device manager. Anyway, going to call him in a little bit and arrange a rendezvous when I go to town shortly.

    Hopefully today will be a better day! Going to trim a limb or two, and really, really, REALLY try to get a secure wireless bridge going, and a Linux box for the bedroom. Wish me luck! Going to look at the Fish entry in just a little bit…


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