Nothing much Sunday

Went out to Wally World and the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things. Stopped by my folks house on the way back to install a mouse I fixed on my dad’s computer and get some books and other stuff they had for us. Then home, unloaded and fixed omelets for a late lunch. Afterwards took off again and went to Food Land to get a few more things that were on sale there and came back home for the day. All in all a mostly nothing day. Hoping tomorrow will be a bit more productive. Till then…


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One Response to “Nothing much Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Not as productive a day for me as I wished either. Got up and helped the wife get ready for work, and did some bills. Went to church/Sunday school, and then mailed some bills and went to Wally World. Got some stuff for stir-fry for supper there (more later about that) and went home and ate lunch. Was feeling the pollen some again, and didn’t really want to go cut limbs with a pole saw in the heat of the day, so I drowsed in front of the TV for a while. Ended up watching the wreck-fest at Talladega and then went out to cut limbs. Did pretty well, left one fairly big one only a little bit cut because I was worn out. Got several out of the way, though. Went in and decided that we had MORE than enough leftovers for supper, and proceeded to cook gray and sausage for breakfast at work today. Munched a little of this an that (including some limes I got at Wally World) and didn’t really eat a supper–kinda flat, appetite-wise, after the workout outside. Fine with me. Went to bed.

    Now I’m about to get ready and load up the gravy. Have a good day!


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