And yet another day getting nothing much done

Seem to be doing better tonight. Not sure if it’s a pollen thing or what but comes and goes without rhyme or reason that I can figure. Wish it would just go and let me get on with life. Hoping tomorrow will be a better one. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “And yet another day getting nothing much done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas a Monday. Some things went well, some didn’t. Actually had a machine (the hard drive, that is–like the human soul, the hard drive IS the machine, if you know what I mean) seemed to be toast, but after moving it from one place to another last week and letting it sit all weekend, it came back to life! No, I don’t trust it, but with four weeks left and this being a limited service machine, I set up easy network backup for the files it produces and sent it back to work. If it makes it through May, I’ll do something else then. If it doesn’t, I’ll grab a quickly available machine and get it going. We’ll see.

    Other than that, the day was fairly humdrum. Had a boomerang–the Thinkpad I finished Friday came back. Was working fine, but while he was restoring files from his backup, something went astray. Wound up blue-screening rather badly and I had to do a repair installation. Still have to activate it (even called Microsoft to activate it–again–and got badly accented, rather snippy English from an Indian telling me…actually, not sure what he said, but I believe the activation servers were down) and update it. Tonight, I guess. It’s doing fine again–I don’t know if the hard drive has a hitch in it, or if the backup has a glitch in it. We’ll see, I guess…

    Not much else went on. Came home and cut up the meat for stir-fry, and cut a few more limbs. Cooked, ate, and so forth. Watched “Axe Men” and went to bed. Another day!


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