Another ditto day

And that’s about all I’ve got to say about it. Till tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “Another ditto day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    A Twosday for me. Got some stuff done, at home and at work. At work moved some stuff around to make room for some other stuff expected to come in soon. Will have to set up some stuff and get some computers set up and carted. Should be fun. Also set up a couple of the new desktop computers and started, well, setting them up. Don’t mean to be repetitive, but…these two shouldn’t be too difficult, they don’t need a lot of apps. Yeah! Also worked with the Boss and got an interactive whiteboard device (could the generic name be ANY longer, please?) working like we want it to. It seems that often all it takes for something like that is for BOTH of us to go into the room simultaneously, and the equipment essentially says “Oh, well, I’ll fight you for another 5 minutes, then I’ll cooperate fully because with two of you here I’m just outnumbered!” Yes, I know that I’m being anthropomorphic, but that’s the way it goes…

    After work was over, went up to the square to check out the possibilities for a project that we need to do Monday. Decided on seeing the sun angles and such that there was only one way to go with it, which we pretty much were sure of to begin with. The boss left, and I ordered pizza which I should have done before I went up there. Wound up sitting on a bench in the square for about 20 minutes, which actually turned out to be the most relaxing, enjoyable thing I have done for a while. Going to have to try it again sometime. The chimney swifts were amazingly loud, though. So much volume from so little mass. And the way they wheel and swoop reminds me of ME 163 rocket planes, which they somewhat resemble in plan view.

    Got the pizza, went home, ate, and started manicuring the laptop again. Went quicker/easier this time–experience helps, I guess. Have it defragging now, and will set a restore point when that is gone. Will also ask the owner to get with me before he tries restoring so I can see just what he did to blow it up. Or didn’t do, still could be a bad hard drive (or even RAM, even though it passed RAM test) or something else, but it has been a lamb (other than the blessed drivers. ARRGH!) the whole time I have worked on it. Well, since I wiped and reinstalled, anyway. Oh well, it either is OK or it isn’t. Waiting is.

    Well, better get going. Have a good day!


  2. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Oh, I forgot! Google “James Edward Johnston” and read the stuff about him. Man from Jacksonville who died on the USS Shark in February 1942. Bruce Kelley was born in 1953, and apparently was James in a former life. Interesting stuff. “Unsolved Mysteries” did a segment and filmed here in Jacksonville. A guy at work told me about it. Interesting reading.


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