Later than I thought

Didn’t realize it was nearly midnight. Been working on the iBook and the clock is wrong by a couple of hours which I forgot about till just now looking at the desktop clock. Ah well, explains why I am this tired. 🙂

Been a computer kinda day. This that and the other but getting closer with it all. For now am gonna change the clock on the iBook and hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Later than I thought”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Time just seems to evaporate more than fly when working on computers. Especially, it seems, when you have more than one going so that as the one you are setting up is doing its thing you surf or whatever on the other one and before you know it, it’s very late. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt…

    Had a pretty good day. Worked in the workbuilding and around the elementary campus. Went at lunch and paid the mortgage and put a couple of checks in the bank, and was somewhat disappointed by Krystals. Just not quite right, for some reason. Oh, well. Went home just a little bit early and had a “family moment” with me, the wife, and the daughter all putting our new tags on. “Sweet Home Alabama” for me and the wife, just new stickers for the daughter onto the rather horrible and hard to read “patriotic” tag. Yeah, all red, white, blue, and just plain blech! Haven’t liked them since I first saw them, and glad I managed to avoid them…

    Wife and I got ready and went to the Love Center banquet in Gadsden with her folks. It was OK, about as expected. Went by her parent’s house afterwards and got some tomatoes and a bell pepper plant to plant here. Got home at nearly 10 and went to bed pretty soon afterwards.

    TGIF! Going to sleep in some tomorrow, Lord, creeks, and bowels willing. Have a good day!


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