Rainy Saturday

Nothing done outside today, but got most of the computer stuff installed/reinstalled. Made one run out to get stuff at the store and that was the extent of our out and about today. Had hoped for a dry day to get out and do a bit of yard sale browsing but didn’t happen. Maybe next week. Hooked the stereo back up in the living room tonight. Still got to fix the new speakers but that’s for another time when we have a bit of spare cash. For now am gonna hit the sack. Till tomorrow…


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One Response to “Rainy Saturday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Went OK here. Got the fan clutch changed out without much problem, other than dropping one nut that bounced to a very strange place and took me longer to find that just ab0ut everything else did. Normal, in other words….and the fan pulls MUCH more air now. Feel better about the onset of warm weather now.

    Spent much of the rest of the day getting a computer running again after swapping cases. Turns out that there was a jumper on the front panel block of the Dell case I moved it into that I had to cut for the machine to turn on properly. I guess the Dell board had a non-custom reset feature. What a surprise, eh? Non-custom motherboard in a Dell. Who woulda thunkit. Got the processor upgraded as well, but not as much as I wished. Because of bus restrictions instead of a 2.4 or whatever GHz PIV it is now a 1.8 GHZ PIV. Still better than a 1.7 GHz Celeron, and I’m pretty sure that running it hot is going to be very difficult to do. 🙂

    Couldn’t get the machine to boot properly to Mint, or to Ubuntu 8.04. Downloaded the latest PCLinuxOS 2009.1, but by the time I had it downloaded I was involved with other things and didn’t get back to it. Another day. Grilled country-style ribs for supper, and did potato slices in the oven with various seasoning, along with broccoli and cauliflower mix. ‘Twas good, and many leftovers, at least as far as ribs went.

    Got up this morning and crashed the checkbook program on the old Starmax. So, after Sunday school and church, and lunch, AND the wonderful storm that blew through, I hooked the Starmax up to a monitor and made sure that the program worked OK, and rebuilt the desktop. PROBABLY could have done it via VNC, but VNC is a little funny on that machine, and I wanted to be sure. Got done with that and did supper, and the day is pretty much made. Tomorrow is Monday and another week, with some special activities tomorrow afternoon.

    Have a good one, and hope the storm didn’t do anything bad out your way.


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