Another wet day

Rained off and on most all day and evening. Been reading and browsing and lost track of the time again. Looks like it’s time to hit the sack, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another wet day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Wet it was. wet it is, and wet it shall be. Such is the gospel according to Spring…at least, this year…

    Had a pretty good day for a Monday. Somewhat busy. Started at the workbuilding, where I had to reset a circuit breaker in the office where I work. Seems JSU cut the power to us either Friday or Saturday, and the word never made it down to us at IT. So I was also logging in servers and things like that. Fun, fun. Talked with someone about getting my name on the e-mailing list to be notified of such things. It’s MUCH nicer to shut down the dozen or so machines that would die anyway rather than let the sudden power stoppage do it for us. As far as I know nothing died, keeping fingers crossed…

    Had to do some stuff at the high school, and then back to the work building to put together a DVD for the Megan Brittain day event at the square. With SUPER and FAVC it went pretty well, though I did have to download one video again and convert it as the original download apparently had issues. (From Youtube, posted by her brother, for you Movie Police out there–he WANTED it played, so put the dogs back in their kennels..) Went to the square with the boss around five and did the usual set up/discover something dead/go get replacement routine. Also had to figure out how to get the sound loud enough to be heard, but we were able to come up with something there too. Though actually if we had know just how large the crowd would be, we might would have scared up a bigger PA. Between the size of the crowd and the walking speaker mufflers (the people crowded up against the speakers, thus absorbing much of the sound) we could have used more decibels. Event went well, and was rather touching.

    By the time I made it home it was in the neighborhood of eight, and I was in the neighborhood of bushed. Watched some TV and ate leftovers. Went to bed.

    Now, another day. The boss is on his way to Washington DC with his daughter’s class (the annual DC trip) unless, of course, there was a major whoopsie in getting going. Since it is now after 6:30 and they were supposed to leave at 5:00, hopefully they are gone. Hope the buses are in good shape, it has been a year for bus breakdowns on trips. The Dauphin Island trip had a bus breakdown once on the way there and twice on the way back, and a trip to Montgomery just the other day was delayed due to a flat tire. Maybe the bad mojo is used up now–hope so. Hope the videos play on the bus also–one of the teachers who is going got a brand new DVD the other day (new release–bought at the store) that would not play on about half of the DVDs it was tried in. DRM, I’m sure. Love the way they don’t even CARE about whether or not it will play on your older DVD player (and in this case, one of them was purchased 6 months ago!) as long as they can slow down the pirates for a few minutes. Asshats. And they wonder why the kids nowdays don’t think that it’s stealing to download movies and music. When you show no concern for your customers, as a general rule the customers return the favor. The bad news for the movie/music people is, technology is working for the CUSTOMERS, not them. Good. Asshats NEED to go to the back of the pack. The musicians need to come up with a direct marketing thing (“Hi! I’m Billy Mays! And I’m here to tell you about the BIGGEST group to come along since the Beatles! And you can help them make the Big Time!” You know, I started typing that as a joke, but now I’m not so sure….) and tell the record companies to go piss up a rope. What about the movie people, you say? Well, with digital cameras/storage/editing/(and coming) distribution, the price of entry to the movie business is about to take a quantum leap or two DOWN. The big stars will probably have to go to a percentage basis, which is all good–if you can’t pick good movies/act well, then why SHOULD you get $20,000,000.00 just because your name is “Whatever famous”?

    Sorry. I’ll get off my soapbox here. Have a good one, and stay dry!


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