Bits and pieces

Another not much done day. Been going through old cd’s and labeling and trashing. Got nearly an entire spindle of old linux disks and got piles more somewhere if I can ever find them.

Think I have finished the Dell that I put Ubuntu 9.04 on. Got the updates done yesterday and it reboots correctly now. Downloaded an iso on it this morning and burned it to disk so the cd burner works. Played a DVD and it works too. Now to teach the customer to use it. As they mostly use the computer for browsing, music and email I don’t think they will have much trouble. Will see…

Tis late and I am about done in, even though I took a nap after our quick trip to Wally World for milk and oj, so am gonna call it a night. Unless I get caught up with something between now and then. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Bits and pieces”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I have had such a busy day, I didn’t have a chance to comment until now. So I’ll do two days worth, I guess….

    Yesterday was kinda slow. Did some of this, and some of that, and came to the conclusion that with half-way good instructions, I’ll do better setting up a file server in Linux with ssh and the command line. Yes, Master, you have been telling me this for years. The Master speaks, the Student listens half-assedly, and eventually the Student realizes the Master’s Wisdom. I humbly apologize for my unhearing ways, so have mercy on the Student when he contacts you because he can’t find the damn command he needs to do something. Happen it will, in the future I see…

    Made Mixed-Marriage Nachos last night. The wife told me we had Rotel tomatoes (you know–tomatoes and green chilies)–well, not ROTEL tomatoes but the same thing in Del Monte. After I got home (she was at work) I discovered that in her mind tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic was just the same as tomatoes and chilies. I beg to differ. Not having much choice, I used them anyway. Interesting. (Just to flesh it out a little bit, the nachos I am speaking about consists of 1 lb of hot breakfast sausage, cooked crumbled, hamburger, browned, Mexican Velveeta, and the above named Rotel tomatoes. Mix all ingredients and heat. It’s good over Mazietos brand chips, and others, too, I reckon.) With the “just-the-same” stuff it was sweeter, and needed more jalapenos to go with it, which had the expected effect this morning. C’est la vie.

    Today started with a bang–or a beep. The high school called just as I was about to head out the door to let me know that the database app that does all the stuff at the high school (grades, attendance–you name it) wasn’t working. Remoted in and couldn’t get it to work, so hied off to the high school as quickly as possible. Got it going, then went from one mini-crisis to another for a while, until things slowed down some. Then went back to the Central Office and the elementary school, with the intention of returning to the high school later with some hardware to install. Never happened. Got caught up in a sequential vortex or three at the elementary school, and never got away. Have the hardware in my truck for tomorrow.

    Came home and made stir fry, watched some TV, and now am finishing this comment that I started earlier and then got interrupted on. Been that kind of day. Tomorrow will be better, they say–whoever the hell “they” are.

    Oh, yeah, finally got around to reading Hardy Jackson’s column in the Star today, and found out that Rick Bragg will be speaking and signing at Leon Cole Auditorium Monday at 7:00. I, my wife, and the daughter WILL be there. The son is thinking about it. I’m sure you know who Rick is, and I highly recommend going to see/hear him.

    Have a good one!


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