10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions | LinuxHaxor.net

One of the several advantages of having many Linux distributions is that there is always one distribution that meets specific needs for a group of users with similar interests. Whether you are a student or a scientist or someone who believes in some religion; you could use one of these special purpose distribution and share with people with similar interest instead of creating and customizing something from scratch.

via 10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions | LinuxHaxor.net.

There are a couple in this list I wasn’t familiar with that look interesting.  Good stuff!


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One Response to “10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions | LinuxHaxor.net”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Ubuntu Satanic Edition? Wicked!
    It opens up possibilities….Ubuntu 9.04 Deadly Druid. Ubuntu 8.10.5 Zippy Zororaster. Ubuntu 7.7 Lucky Christian–oops, there IS a Ubuntu Christian distro. Which makes me wonder–why doesn’t Ubuntu Satanic Edition use version 6.6.6 for ALL their releases? It seems only natural….they could distinguish them with names–Ubuntu SE 6.6.6 Bucket of Blood Edition. Ubuntu SE 6.6.6 Goat’s Head Soup Edition. Ubuntu SE 6.6.6 Jim Bakker Edition–now THAT would be evil! Of course, it would be followed by the Ubuntu Ultimate Satanic Edition 6.6.6 Ted Haggard Edition….

    There are some good looking distros on there I will have to check out, especially Clonezilla (I’m ALWAYS looking for an alternative to Ghost that will work as well–no luck yet, but I haven’t tried Clonezilla yet either) but it’s hard NOT to get distracted by Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

    I like the son’s comment: “It’s only artwork. That’s how I look at it.” It’s GOOD to have a sense of proportion…..


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