The weekend cometh

Got little done today, which in recent weeks is about normal. Went and picked up some stuff at the Dollar Tree and Wally World. Dollar Tree has got USB and Firewire cables for a buck a pop. Not super great cables but at that price I picked up a 60″ USB extension, a 60″ male to male USB, and a 24″ Firewire cable just to have on hand. Came home, unloaded stuff, cooked and ate supper, and been doing as little as possible since, mostly on the computers. Not sure what the morrow will bring but am about to hit the sack and attempt to avoid the world until then… 😉


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One Response to “The weekend cometh”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Thanks for the info about the cables! Me and the daughter are going into town this morning, and will stop by and check that out. Always on the look out for cheap cables, as long as they aren’t TOO cheap. Not working, I mean…but have gotten cables like this before at Big Lots and they are still printing along at several places in the system.

    Had one of your days yesterday. I could have stayed home and got exactly as much done remotely as I did being physically there. But at least I didn’t use an off day up…the pollen had me dizzy and feeling very “blah!” before lunch, by when I was getting nauseous too (nauseous and hungry at the same time–weird combination). I got some Chinese food (which often helps me feel better) and ate it, at which time the other end decided IT wasn’t happy either. Not sure if it was the food, or the fact that I had eaten SOMETHING, or what. In any case I wasn’t up to doing much of anything. Had a minor project going on that required near-constant attention if not real work, so I stayed until that was over and went home. Took some medicine and meant to lay down for a while, but had to go back to town to pick up some medical supplies and gas the wife’s car up. By then I felt better. The wife’s best friend came over and they painted gourds. I had drilled out holes in the gourds before I went into town with a hole saw, and they plan to plant plants in them. They painted them white and then painted designs on them. The wife’s friend painted a paisley design which was quite neat. The wife is doing bees. The daughter repainted the dish that a flower pot sits in to match the pot, which has a “Gateway” style cow design. All in all, a fun evening even though I couldn’t stay outside with them on the porch for long, the pollen made me get dizzy again. The privet is EXPLODING with blooms, I mean you can’t see the woods for the privet flowers it’s so bad, I wonder if that is what is getting me. Could be, could be…

    Well, gotta go pack lunch for the wife. Have a good day!


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