This and that Saturday

Took some stuff to the post office to mail out this morning. After working on the truck as it didn’t want to start. Came back and had a late breakfast, then went in search of yard sale goodies. Didn’t find much as the rain closed most of them down early. Went by the ReStore where Cat got some things. Back home and lunch, then back out for another run around looking for yard sales to no avail. So back home to get her mothers list of stuff she needed and to Wally World and the Dollar Tree in Lenlock, then as they were out of some things on the list to the Wally World in Jacksonville. And home. In between was the kids egging cars and the cop car in our drive as we were coming home the second time. Coming in after the shopping trip there was a truck at the south entrance so we drove over and twas one of the kids dad still looking for the lost cell phone. I helped him look till well after dark but no go. I suspect the kid lost it and one of his buddies snagged it. They finally left and I came in and fixed and we ate supper. Been on the computer since doing mostly nothing. Almost the witching hour and time for me to call it a night. So till tomorrow… 😉


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3 Responses to “This and that Saturday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Wondering–are there going to be charges or anything from the egging? And did the egging take place from your property, or did they just flee to there and get caught, or what? Forgot to ask when we stopped by yesterday….

    Had an interesting day meself. Started with helping the wife get ready for work, and did a little stuff on the computer. Then showered and dressed and the daughter and I went out to run errands. Started with breakfast at Western Sizzlin in Oxford, and then went to Books A Million. Found some of what we wanted there, but not the book for the wife for mother’s day. Went and got guitar strings and piano music at Hubbards, and then went to Dollar Tree in Lenlock and got a few things. No A-B USB cables, and no extensions. 😦 Oh, well, got a couple of cables and some velcro cable ties. Then went to Wally World and got a variety of things, and went home. Called around and was about to give up on finding the book for the wife when I finally did in Oxford, at another bookstore I didn’t even thnk about while down there. It’s a Charles Stanley book, and I was assuming the Christian bookstore in Jacksonville would have it in stock. Turns out the only place I could find with it was Life Way in the new shopping center. And called a 546 number to get them–which surprised me when I found out it was in Oxford rather than Gadsden, and surprised the lady I talked with also. Guess they moved and the information on the web hasn’t caught up yet.

    Left (with the son this time) and went to my mother’s to drop off her gift, with a brief informational stop at your place in re the eggers. After talking a while with mother and brother we went to get the book, and then returned the wife’s car and got my pickup, which I had left at the wife’s work when the daughter and I had headed out. Wanted more room to store things out of the weather, and A/C, so swapped vehicles until done. Once in the truck we carried some bottled water by the work building at work and stashed it there, and then went home. Was wore out by then, so contented myself with cooking supper (Stouffer’s lasagna) and taking it easy.

    So, today I wil do the desk cleanup, with probably mass paper shredding. Will also try to load Ubuntu on a machine and try out the USB wireless device I got when I got the new monitor. Wasn’t looking for that, but at $19.99 with a review showing it worked in Ubuntu with no problem, seemed worth a try. Going to be a while until I can do something with the landline to the bedroom, so it will be nice to be connected SOMEHOW. Hope you have a good day!


  2. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Did I dream that you posted last night (Sunday) and that I posted a comment? I don’t see it now….

    Definitely, it’s Monday….


  3. depatty Says:

    No, you didn’t dream it. And tis there (at least it is now). Verily a Monday…


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