Sunday evening winding down

First off to answer a couple of questions Steve asked in his comment on yesterdays post. AFAIK there will be no charges filed due to the egging. The car that was egged stopped up the road and it was just a minute till the sheriff’s deputy came up and saw what was going on. Then after the officer caught the kids, they were taken to where the car was, made to apologize to the owner/driver and made to clean the car. They then got their pictures, names and addresses taken and told it would be placed in their juvenile record, so maybe there will be no further incidents. And yes the egging did take place from my property. They climbed the fence in front of the yard sale trailer, made their way down to the corner, where FOP road intersects with Cedar Springs and launched their attack from that point. Still not too bright but at least better than walking down the road.

And back to the days bits and pieces.

Started out cooking the breakfast oatmeal, then changing the oil in the truck, then eating breakfast. Got a shower the the stuff loaded in the truck and got a call from Cat’s mom with things she had forgotten that she also neede. Headed out and stopped at Food Land for the last minute bits and headed west and then south. Down 77 to 78 and into Pell City where we stopped at KMart to get some other stuff which they didn’t have. Tried Winn Dixie, and while they had more than the pharmacy in KMart, they didn’t have it either. So we trudged onward, sky getting darker as we went. Got there just as it started sprinkling and got about half the stuff unloaded and inside when the sky opened and the torrents fell. I stood on the porch and watched it for about 15 minutes until it slacked off a bit and then finished unloading stuff, then got in the cab of the truck and read till Cat finished getting things put up and situated as needed. Loaded the computer and other stuff coming back to Weaver in the truck and started back.

Looked for a place around the river to stop and picnic around Riverside and Lincoln but none were to be seen, so waited till we got to the river trail park at the old lock in Ohatchee and stopped there. Where we got to see a not too intelligent individual work on a small but loud motorcycle and observe karma bite him in the arse. He would work on it in the camping area down at the end of the road and then ride down the road past where we were, turn around and roar and sputter back and work on it some more. Last time he did it (while we were there) it quit on him at the end of his turn around area. He fiddled around with it and pushed it off and rode it a few feet till it ran out of fuel in the fuel bowl and quit again. I’m guessing a clogged fuel filter or cut off valve from having worked on them doing just what this one was doing but as he had been being a noisy nuisance, I voiced my thoughts only to Cat and we laughed as he got to push and sputter his way back to the campground. We had finished by then and loaded up and came on home.

Got some stuff for my mom together and headed over there. Visited for a bit and came back home. Started a loaf of bread (which has not risen right either though I am changing things each time till I figure out what the problem is) then cooked and ate supper. Did a bit of browsing and then started this bit of blather. Am gonna go to the couch for a bit and read, then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Sunday evening winding down”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    No charges but names and pictures taken. If it works as a deterrent, that’ll be good. If it doesn’t, it’ll make for an easy ID, I guess. Thanks for the details.

    Spent the day mainly straightening up my computer desks, and a computer I have had for a few days. Finally twigged that BOTH DVD drives in the machine were shot, and stuck in one of mine long enough to run the Avira boot cd and Puppy Linux to clean it up. Avira finds and renames the bad things, I look at the report and make note of where they are, and then I boot with Puppy and kill it. A little clunky, but it works. Then some tweaks here and there, and done. Will just advise them to buy a DVD burner to replace one of the drives. Don’t really need two, methinks…

    Other than that, a whole lot of shredding and such going on. Got rid of a bunch of paperwork, rearranged some more. Not my best day ever, but certainly not my worst, either.

    Tomorrow is Monday. Whoopee! Have a good one.


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