Twas a Monday

All day long. Went to the bank to cash a check. The new teller said can’t do that. Will have to withdraw funds from your account and deposit the check. ??? Got slip that showed balance. Came home to eat lunch and checked the account on line. Have no money in the account. With outstanding checks coming in, one of which we wrote today. Went and got the check back and paid cash. Went to the bank and put more money into the account in cash. Just checked the account and am not real sure what is showing, but if it isn’t ALL showing in the morning am going to go back to the bank and make loud noises till something is resolved. Arsehats!

From there went to Anniston and paid some bills, then went by the Salvation Army and looked at the books. Noted some Rex Stout, and then some more, and then yet even more. Got all I saw, along with a few others that looked interesting or salable. Paid after a LONG wait in line behind a barbed out bimbo babysitting a brat. Started out the door and Cat points out an electric scooter that has no charger, that the ticket says needs batteries, that they want $5.99 for. The front wheel alone is worth that or more. So back to the counter and exchange more shiny gold rocks for this thing I really don’t need. But the motor and controller might end up in a electric cart either behind or in front of a bicycle. 🙂 Load it all up and head up the road. Make a stop at the Anniston Library where they were having a $3.00 per bag book sale. Bought $6.00 worth. Got a few good ones and some just to fill the bags but overall came out to the good.

Bit more on the scooter. It’s a Schwinn S-500 Electric Scooter with more info at the link, which goes to the Walmart site. It looks like the following:

Schwinn S-500 Scooter

Schwinn S-500 Scooter

Anyway, back to the rest of the day. Up the road a bit further and made a stop at the Dollar Tree where we both got some new reading glasses and also picked up some foodstuffs. Then a quick stop next door at Wally World for a few more things. Back on the road with a stop at my folks house and then home. Fixed and ate supper and then headed back out to JSU to see Rick Bragg. Twas a good show. Made a quick exit as something in the building was burning my eyes and bothering my and Cat’s throat’s. Braved the blinding lights of several arsehats that wouldn’t dim their lights and made it home for the duration. For now am going to do a bit of reading and start getting price stickers off of books. So till tomorrow… 😉


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3 Responses to “Twas a Monday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas a Monday here too. Went to work, and did a little bit of stuff everywhere. Especially at the high school in re the lightning strike. Got a better handle on what was zapped and replaced/bypassed a couple of things. Will do more tomorrow.

    Went home and had a sandwich, and then went to the Rick Bragg thing at JSU. Very good, enjoyed it muchly. Got in line and had a booked signed. I also was having trouble with my eyes there too–must have been something (or more likely a combination) in the way of cologne and such–I was in Leon Cole earlier this year with even more people but didn’t have that problem then. Mostly school kids, though, who don’t tend to use as much of that kind of thing. Pollen may have contributed too.

    Came home, and about to turn it. Bushed. Have a good one tomorrow.


  2. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I like the scooter. Some interesting things could be done with it, for sure. Funny thing is, the maximum amount of weight it can carry is the amount I need to LOOSE. Strange synchronicities to be found in life….


  3. razor e200 Says:

    Yeah, It having less pollution, sound pollution also. It’s having efficiency also.


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