Mostly worthless Tuesday

Thought I was doing better and then came today. Guess it’s the pollen or molds or something. Messed around with the scooter a bit. Got the batteries to take a charge, switched it on and had it try to run away. Turns out there was a piece missing from the throttle that keeps the magnet and hall effect device aligned, and if it’s missing then the motor runs at about half speed all the time. Got it cut off without major damage to me ro the room or the scooter and took the control off and apart. After fiddling with it for a while found what the missing part was and did. Will make a piece to replace it with soon. With it all aligned it seems to work fine. Now trying to decide if I want to fix and sell it as a scooter or take it apart and sell the bits that I don’t use to build something else.

As it’s late and I’m about done in, am gonna crash and start again tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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2 Responses to “Mostly worthless Tuesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Scooter sounds fun. Sounds like a more fun electric device to work on than the towmotor, eh?

    I had a day kinda like yours too. Did some stuff at the central office, and then we moved some stuff from the CO to the high school. Had a high-bulk/not too heavy full trailer and bed of a pickup. I got a levy of students to unload it at the high school. Worked on a couple of things there, and then carried the truck and trailer back. Then went and did lunch and errands, and went back to the high school to change out keypads on the checkout scanners in the lunch room. After that and composing a couple of e-mails, I was feeling really bad (for at least the second time that day-the pollen content has changed somehow and it really loops me at the moment) so I went back by the CO to pick something up and then went home, and went to bed for a couple of hours. Felt more human when I awoke. Just hung around the house for the evening, we ate leftovers as we have a ton of them. Guess I’ll cook something tonight.

    Have a good day, and for both our sakes I hope the pollen dies down today, but from the way my head is feeling, I doubt it….


  2. razor e200 Says:

    Yeah, I am a fan of electric scooters, It’s really great one.


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