Thursday that’s felt like Friday all day

Had to mail out some e-bay stuff this am and needed milk and fuel for the truck so first went to the post office at Alexandria then swung by the Helping Hands thrift store where Cat got a few things but I found nada. From there headed to Jacksonville and Wally World to get fuel. Tanked up and after a pit stop headed north to Piedmont to see if we could find a thrift store I had seen mentioned on Craig’s List a week or so back. Stopped at the grocery store to get something for lunch and asked the cashiers, one of which directed us to 2 different ones. Backtracked to the Veteran’s Memorial Park and ate lunch then went back downtown on the thrift store hunt. First one had a few books that were worth getting. Pointed out damage on some of the books and they knocked the price way down. ๐Ÿ™‚ Went to the next one and spent quite a while digging through piles (literally) of old books. Stuff was in piles everywhere in that place. Spent way too much for mostly good stuff, though after getting it home found water damage on several of the pieces. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Was too dark in the area with the books to really see what they looked like. Should have taken them out into a lighted area and looked over them all before buying, though at the prices we didn’t get hurt too bad. Paid for the first 2 boxes of books and loaded them in the truck and went back in to check out the second floor where we got some more, these mostly good stuff. Paid and left heading back to Jacksonville this time. Stopped at Sav-A-Lots for milk and a couple of other things then headed home. Unloaded stuff and after putting the cold stuff and groceries up, started a loaf of bread, again changing the amounts a little. Hit it pretty close this time. Will make one or two more little changes the next loaf and if that one turns out good will post the recipe. Got that going and then started sorting books. Got Cat’s stuff sorted out and went to scan a few things when I found the scanner I had set up on the iBook yesterday wouldn’t work today. Tried a couple of things and then gave it up as a bad job. Got an old HP Scanjet 3300C that had been giving trouble on Cat’s Linux Mint installation (which I wiped yesterday and replaced with Ubuntu 9.04) and hooked it up to my Ubuntu desktop machine and it worked perfectly without any additional setup! Scanned a soft cover book and some magazines and have gotten a few of them posted to my Bonanzle Booth. Am going to try to get a few more things scanned if not posted tonight before calling it a night. Then again I may take a break and read a bit. One or the other. Till tomorrow… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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One Response to “Thursday that’s felt like Friday all day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Thursday was Lightning Strike Recovery Day for us, primarily. Started out at the high school where I helped someone with a slide show for the tennis banquet. 1244 slide PowerPoint presentation–yeow! That was a lot of work! Wound up exporting all the slides a jpegs and using Picasa 3 to make a slide show and a .wmv. Took a 2.3 GHz Core 2 Duo w/ 3GB of RAM about 2 1/2 hours to convert the pics to a movie at 800 X 600. Took a single core Pentium (~ 3 GHz, I think, and I think a GB of RAM) about 5 hours to do the same at 1024 X 768. Yes, I know, I did it backwards–should have done the higher resolution on the better machine. Kicked off the conversion on the single core machine first, and didn’t realize how long it would take until we saw the progress readout go “……….0.0%…………0.1%…….0.2%…” with each period representing about 30 seconds or so. Well, we didn’t have anything but time, anyway, so it didn’t matter. Had plenty to do while that did it’s thing. After it was done, the .wmv ran well and at full screen, which was what we were looking for.

    The rest of the day was mainly shifting equipment around to get things going where lightning had stopped it, and making lists for the insurance company. Wasn’t too bad this time, as such things go at the high school, but it generally doesn’t go well anyway. Projectors, switches, and assorted things, oh my! I hope they pursue a lightning rod installation. Yes, I know it’s not a guarantee, but it’s hard to see how it would make it worse. *As long as it’s done right.*

    Went home at the end of the day, and made grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper. Watched CSI, and went to bed. Just plain wore out. Also had some fun today with the Ubuntu Studio–installing (or trying to install) has been a REAL pain. Parts of it installed, but the installation is borked somehow. Not only that, but Synaptic seems to have problems too. Going to have to figure out how to dump whatever is clogging it up and see if it will do OK. I had to do a command line command to get it to do something, and that has been held up on the same line for over 17 hours now–something to do with Sigh–all I wanted was to be able to do a few docs if necessary….oh, well, I’ll get there, if I have to install the whole damn distro again.

    Have a good Friday!


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