In which mostly nothing got done. Soldered a wire for Steve, shipped some stuff off for e-bay, made a loaf of bread, posted one book to Bonanzle, and drove to the store so Cat could pick up a few things. Hoping for more energy and productivity tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Friday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Hey, sounds pretty productive to me. At least, you day was pretty productive for me. 😉 Appreciate the soldering, and so did the folks who have to use the megaphone.

    I had a so-so productive day. Gave up on on the Ubuntu Studio machine for the moment, and did a little bit of video editing–later on, in the afternoon, that is. Did a good bit of this ‘n that at the elementary school, mainly having to do with printers. Set up a projector at the high school for the tennis banquet tonight. Bits and pieces like that. Came home and did as little as possible around the house.

    Today we are doing what we can around here in the rain, which is actually quite a bit. Am about to burn a Ubuntu 9.04 CD and see if I can get a machine going with wireless network in the bedroom. We’ll see–have a good day!


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