Wet Weekend

At least on and off. On right now. Went out and mailed some e-bay stuff this morning, then went to the Helping Hands Thrift store in Alexandria where Cat found a book and I got a pull chain lamp socket. Started raining while we were in there so yard sales were done for the morning. Went to West Point Thrift store, where I got a hat, Cat got a cap and a knotted headband piece she wants to figure out how to make. Decided to come back home and get lunch before doing anything else. Got back here, ate, and after posting one new book, I got to working on redoing the pricing and shipping on the books listed at Bonanzle. Worked on that part of the afternoon and then around 3 got out and removed the hinge pin from the Reese rotary mower, then went and got the tractor which had the 3 point hitch boom already on it and used it to lift and remove the drive pulley and hitch assembly from the rest of the mower, then move it behind the trailer. Unhooked it and then got the twin rotor assembly and the boom actually managed (with far too much creaking and groaning for me to be comfortable with but it all held) to pick it up and move it to the back of the trailer too. Put the tractor up, came back in, cooled (and dried) off for a bit and then about 5 decided to get back out and see about some meat and such for supper. Went to several places and finally got enough bits and pieces that we came back here, cooked and ate supper. Been reading and browsing since. Supposed to have folks coming in from Minnesota tomorrow to look at the mower so guess we will hang around here till they get here. For now am gonna go and read a bit more than call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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5 Responses to “Wet Weekend”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Minnesota? Surely they didn’t come all the way from there just for the mower? If so, ask for more…

    Stayed around the house Saturday and did a little bit of this and that. Got Ubuntu 9.04 on a machine and got it in the bedroom with a USB wireless adapter. It’s not as fast as I like, but it works. Today I got the strings on the acoustic changed after church. Been a laid back weekend, and I like it. Tomorrow back at work, and as we are in the last two weeks of school, it WILL get busy from here. Oh, well, it will be over soon, and then it will be summer. Oh boy. Really busy then, most likely.

    Have a good one.


  2. depatty Says:

    Yep, they drove from there to here just for that mower. Loaded it up and they cheerfully paid and headed back. Tis one more thing out of my life… 🙂


  3. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Dang! Now THAT’S needing a mower! Did they head out about the time I was out there Friday, or what? I guess it wouldn’t take that long, but it would take a while, I know….


  4. depatty Says:

    According to Google maps to Weaver from the town in Minnesota they are from: 1,231 mi – about 19 hours 35 mins.

    Two of them in a 4 door Ford 350 pickup. Guess if they drove straight through and 1 slept in the back seat while the other drove could be done in 24 hours with gas, piss, and food stops. When he called back late Friday, he told me they would be here between 1 and 2 Sunday afternoon so I’m thinking they left out Saturday morning early. They had trailer light problems and ended up putting on new lights and had wiring tied along both sides when they got here about 2 hours later then planned.

    But yea, 2500 miles is a LONG way to drive for a mower….


  5. Steve Says:

    You might ought to keep an ear out on the Internets for any stories about someone being murdered with an untraceable tractor mower in Minnesota. They may have just wanted to cloud up their trail somewhat……


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