5 way Horn Audio Installation

You want audio? This is pretty flippin’ crazy! – SSA Forums:

This is just a LITTLE bit over the top. I mean when you have to get the cement trucks in to pour 4 (or is it 6) footings for the subwoofer supports “outside” the house you might be a bit of an audio nut. And you when the outer supports are 30+ feet from the house ya gotta figure those are some LOOOOOONG horns. From the pictures I’m guessing the mouths are about 5 x 6 each. From the article (what little there is the guy guesses 400k invested. But I’d LOVE to hear it!


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One Response to “5 way Horn Audio Installation”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    “Baby, the earth is going to move for you tonight! And after the music, we might even make love!”

    I mean, that is crazier that Frazier Texans! Wow! I really wouldn’t want to be on the same block with that thing at anything above about 3 on the volume scale. But I bet it sounds great! If it doesn’t, that has got to be one-pissed off audiophile…


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