Book Pictures

And here are the pictures of the 311 books we got today.

These are the ones from the Ohatchee Library. 3 hard backs and 2 trade paperbacks. Guns of the South is a First.

Hardbacks from the Thrift Store. 2 mysteries by Ken Holt and 4 sports books by Wilfred McCormick, The Secret of Tibet by William Dixon Bell, The Infinite Woman by Edison Marshall, The Fun Loving Gang by Harold M. Sherman, and 3 others.

The above are all from the first box of books we got from the Thrift Store. Unfortunately mice had been in this box and several of them have been chewed on. The last one, Boy-Crazy is only about 2/3’s there as the back and edges have been eaten. I’d guess that about 18 or so had mouse damage and another 10 or so have other damage. Gonna go through them all and sort later.

This is the first layer of the large box we went back and got. First two top left are hardbacks. Left side second row is Sci-Fi mag and only one in the batch. Everything else was paperbacks. Some good, some bad, some just trash. This box had 203 books in it and only one was a total loss as it was missing most of the pages, though the cover is good.

And that’s all folks! Quite an assortment. Guy told me he had been buying them for years, mostly based on the cover art. The better stuff will get scanned and put up on either E-Bay or Bonanzle. The rest??? Guess I need to get back at it…



One Response to “Book Pictures”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Books, books, and more books! Makes me drool….

    Had a pretty good day yesterday. Went in to work and did stuff mainly around the work building. Got a command figured out (with a lot of help from Google, and plain old fashioned patience in looking on same) and was able to install VLC on the Ubuntu Studio machine. Now it looks like I have to do something to get Firewire going, but I ran out of time. Had to go do a few things and then hit Wally World and then go home to stay with the daughter, who had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. The wife had to go in to work at three, so I stayed with the daughter. Then the wife came back–she had not checked the schedule, and it had been changed in her favor. Since it was after 3:30, I just stayed home. We move some stuff out of the yard, including a basketball goal that we haven’t used in years, but that was still in good condition. Carried it down to leave at the West Point Thrift store, even though they were closed (a little early) and a guy pulled up as I was unloading it, asking if we were getting rid of it. Said he had two kids who would love it. So we loaded it up and off he went. Works for us, we got it out of the yard and I would like to see someone using it. Thought about bringing it to you, but it wouldn’t ship on e-bay worth a dang, and you don’t look like the roundball type to me. Insert smiley here, mine don’t seem to work…

    Finished up the evening as usual, and I’m eating breakfast and getting ready to go to work. End of year stuff is piling up. Have a good one!


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