More Books

Made a run down to Calcis to take some stuff to Cat’s mom this morning. Made a couple of stops on the way down and a second stop at one place on the way back. Ended up with several hundred books coming home with us.
The entire haul.

These few came from the Ohatchee Library. Only got 5 there and they were all fairly new stuff.

The above two boxes full came from a thrift store in Pell City. Not the one we usually hit but one off the beaten path. After digging these books out and us buying them he said he had a large batch that he would have to hunt for, that if we were interested to come back by when we were heading back home.

So we did, and ended up buying another 200+ in very good condition. Just couldn’t walk away from this many GOOD vintage books. Spent several weeks book buying allotment in one day but should be able to recoup it pretty quickly once I get some of them put up for sale.


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