Friday and the glue hunt

Headed out to Gadsden this morning to see what was going on at Poor Mans Trade Day and to see about finding some PVA Neutral PH glue and Tyvek tape. First stop at PMTD and ran into a friend and got no further. Cat took a walk around, then came back to report a big ziltch. We then helped him load his stuff up as it started to sprinkle and once it was all loaded headed on down the road. Next stop was Hobby Lobby where I did find the glue but not the tape. Made a few other stops and then ate lunch down by the river. After eating went to Wally World and picked up a few things then came home. Got some things together along with a kitten and took them all to my folks house as today was my Dad’s birthday. Kitten was the hit of the day and seems to have settled in ok. Will see how things go, as have already been warned it may get the boot. 🙂
Returned home and after cooking and eating sat down and tried the glue on a book cover that had a torn place in it. Worked wonderfully well. Bit of wax paper to keep things from sticking that shouldn’t and a large weight to keep it all in place and 3 hours later a nicely repaired cover that is very hard to detect the previous damage on. So decided to go onward and upward as it were and tackled a paperback that was in pieces. Got the scotch tape that was holding the front cover in place removed with liberal soakings of lighter fluid and a long thin painters knife along with lots of time. Then removed the remains of the cover from the piece of the book that was still attached. Next was the long bit of taking the pages apart one by one from the deteriorating glue. All 125+ sheets. Next will be to make a frame to clamp the pages into to reglue the back, then on to the repair of the cover and finally reattach it to the pages. At least that’s the plan. Will see how it goes. Need to get the print press fixed so I can use it to clamp the book back together so guess that is actually the next thing to do and then to make a frame to keep the pages lined up while they are clamped and glued. At least it’s something different.
For now am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night. Not sure what the morrow will bring, guess I will see when it gets here, so till then… 😉


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3 Responses to “Friday and the glue hunt”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like fun! Must be a good book, or a good book to learn how to glue back together on…

    Had a Friday. Started out with birthday breakfast for a couple of co-workers at central office. Then went to the elementary school to trouble-shoot an electrical problem (which I fixed by replacing a power strip, and then discovered that there was a tripped breaker on the strip that I didn’t see until I had unplugged/untangled the strip from the snake pit of A/C power lines festooning the floor-I should have realized this was an omen…), and then on to try out a new idea on broadcasting the 6th grade graduation. This is where the sequential vortex kicked in. I had to swap a coax cable from one port to another, which was fine, except that the cable was about 2″ too short to go to the other port. No problem, says I, I have a short (~5″) coax cable, I’ll get a barrel connection and splice it. Look around in the AV section of the library, no barrel connection. Go to the office, no barrel connection. My boss calls me (he is out of town for the day and checking in) and he tells me where there are barrel connections. At the high school. So, I go to stash my cart with the camera and other tools of streaming video destruction in the principal’s office (we are temporarily without a principal at the elementary school) and get into a discussion on several issues with the assistant principal. Segue into a discussion about where some equipment is and how some people want it moved. I tell him why I think it should stay there, and he bows to logic. Another person involved with said equipment comes along and we spend a little while coming up with a plan of action to repackage/augment the equipment to serve the needs of everyone who needs it. Productive time, but it does NOTHING for what I started out to do. So, when the impromptu meeting breaks up, I head to the high school for a barrel connector. Along the way I get a request to move some files to a new computer setup, and a request to help configure a computer for a truly Orwellian hardware install. Get the hardware configured correctly (I assume, I hear no more from the people in question, so either it worked or they said “Screw it! It’s Friday! Let’s go home!” which is possible.) File transfer proves a little recalcitrant via remote admin, so I decide to do it when I get to the high school. So, when I get to the high school, I get the person whose files I need to move to go look in the location where we THINK the barrel connections are for a couple while I start moving files. She can’t find the barrel connection, and the files turn out to be >3 GB, so it takes a while. Finally get to the point where I can let the files do their own thing and start looking in alternate locations for the barrel connectors. Find them and get two of them (I thought) and head back to the elementary school, via Taco Hell. At Taco Hell I have to remove the connectors from my pocket to get to my wallet, and discover that while I have one barrel connector the other is a female-to-female RCA connector. After the initial shock (the first one I looked at when I took them out was the RCA–I at first assumed I had missed the boat on BOTH of them and would have to go back and face dismissal at the high school on the last Friday of the year–Frightening!) I realized that as long as I had one I was golden, and the RCA connector might come in useful anyway. Back to the workbuilding where I eat my tacos and answer e-mails/IMs. Finally make it back to the library (3 hours later than I started looking for a barrel connector) and make the splice, but with a 10 foot coax rather than a 5″ one, because I can’t find the damn short one. I am beginning not to care a whole lot….over to the gym, where I unpack the camera (and find the short coax where I had stuck it in the camera box for safe keeping–apparently it’s one of those days….) and the RF converter and plug everything up and beep the assistant principal and ask him if he can see/hear me on the in-house TV channel. Picture and sound are both 5 X 5, so I unhook everything, pack it up on the cart, lock a door for someone, and then head to the library to put the short coax in there and undo the coax from the gym temporarily because by this time I feel that Thor, God of Thunder, is eyeing me and this long external coax cable as a WONDERFUL way to enter the AV lab and burn up equipment. Yes, I’m paranoid, but am I paranoid enough? By this time, probably. Get a call from my wife wondering where the hell I am. I tell her things are winding up and I should be leaving shortly after a minor video project. Person with said video project beeps in on our call and I take it, and then head over there (with cart and equipment loaded in my truck) and get going with ironing out problems. Being a video project, Weird Things happen which must be fixed, which takes a little time, and then a movie must compile, which takes some more. I go unload my truck and check another door to be sure it is locked at the request of the person who forgot to check it and is already in Anniston, and then return to find the movie compiled. Load it and a few other sundry files on my flash drive to work on over the weekend and head home, with thoughts of staying there for the evening. Get home, and the wife has other thoughts, and we wind up at Village Inn for supper. Typical Village Inn food-the fried chicken was OK, and most everything else was not quite to my liking, which is just the way it usually goes. If they don’t have roast beast at VI, I’m not really interested (their roast beast and mashed potatoes are rather good, methinks) but the wife wanted quick, so we went. Came home and watched the wife water plants and we sat on the porch and listened to at least four different species of frogs try to hook up with members of the opposite sex and make tadpoles together, until the insect population Twittered our location to every hungry six-legged creature within flying/crawling distance, and we went inside. Discovered that the DVD image I created (well, the COMPUTER created at my bidding) had apparently truncated about five minutes off the running time of the movie. I think, I’m not sure about it, will have to mount the ISO and see. Considering how the day had gone, I was unsurprised and just deleted it and set it up again and went to bed.

    I’m sorry, how did you say your day went?

    PS–I really miss the editing function that you used to have, where you could see the entirety (well, when I get THIS wound up maybe not the entirety, but a bunch) of the comment and edit, rather than eleven lines at a time in a small window. Not bitching, just wondering if there was a checkbx somewhere that you could check and the editing comments function would magically return…


  2. depatty Says:

    Don’t think it’s that good a book, but it IS a good one to learn on due to it’s initial condition, which if I didn’t at least try to fix it was fire starter or recycling material. But since all the pages were there as well as all the pieces of the cover (other than a few small unimportant bits here and there) I decided to make the effort. I was initially going to clamp all the parts together and put more glue across the spine (minus the cover) but the old horse hide glue had set with a mean lean after all the years where ever it had been and I decided to just clean it all off and start over with a stack of pages and see what would happen. Still not sure it’s gonna work right but will see when I gets there.

    As for the editing bit, that was on my server where this is hosted on the wordpress servers so, sorry no magic checkbox I can work with and do much. Will look and see if there is a way to make the comment box bigger though.

    Other than the incredibility stupid rude people EVERYWHERE we went in Gadsden yesterday the day was pretty good for a change. 😉


  3. Steve Goodwin Says:

    What can you expect? It was Friday, and Gadsden!

    …probably more the former than the latter…


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