Saturday Bits and Pieces

Started out this am with a stop at a yard sale in Weaver where Cat bought a scarf and I bought a set of brick tongs, used to carry from 6 to 11 brick at a time. Considering the way I have been carrying them this should make it a lot easier. Old and been welded back together and gave the old guy $3.00 for them, but look like they are built a lot better than the new ones I have just looked at online that are from $15 to $23 so guess I got a really good deal. Headed on down to Green’s Art Supply but they were closed so back to the Re-Store where Cat found a book, I found a book, 16 magazines, and a Stanly 10″ x 1/2″ tape measure, which at a buck for each came to the outrageous sum of $4.00. Made a pit stop at K-Mart and then walked around and laughed at the extremely high prices in there. Saw one 8 gb memory stick that sells at Wally World for $19.99 that is $25.00 there. Straw hats that were inferior to the $7.00 ones at WW were $12 +. No wonder they are going under. Left there and stopped in at Second Hand Tails and got a couple of purses (one for Cat and the other for the leather), a belt for the buckle, and several books. Swung by the folks house to drop off some walnuts and see how much the kitten had destroyed since last night. Only stayed a minute and then came home, ate, and then went to the West Point thrift store. Cat got a book ($2), while I got a clip board ($0.50), 3 screw in light socket to plug adapters and a plug-in light socket (at $0.10 each). One of the light socket to plug adapter and the plug-in light socket go together to extend the socket of a floor lamp out far enough to put one of the CF bulbs in it. Wally World wants nearly $2 for the plug-in light socket and $3 for 2 of the light socket to plug adapters. Much rather buy them used and get stuff that’s made in the USA to boot! Went by Wally World where we picked up some food stuffs for supper and then headed home for the duration. Put the bits into the lamp and now have much nicer light. Got the stickers off the books. Learned a new trick on some website (that I don’t remember where is right now) last night on removing stickers. Put a drop of lighter fluid on a q-tip and then use the q-tip to wet the sticker. Comes right off without damaging the book. I had been squirting a bit on the sticker and using paper towels to mop up the excess but this uses much less fluid and doesn’t wet the cover as much either. Much neater all around.
Started a loaf of bread, then fixed and ate supper. Afterward worked up us some new business cards, using Open Office. Not sure why but the template that they have for the Avery business cards is .02 inches off on each card. Had to go into the template and modify it that much as well as add .125 to the length of the paper as the label sheet measured 11.125 rather than 11 as the template had. Scanned one of the cards and blurred the names, address, and phone info, out to post on here.


Guess I could have left it but tis enough bits and pieces out there as it is, don’t see putting any more in an easy to find location. Found the logo with a Google image search and did a bit of work on it using Gimp and inserted it into the card. I think they turned out pretty good.

Taped and glued the cover on the book I am working on. Got it ready to put back on the pages once I get around to making a frame to press them in. Meant to do that today but just never got the time. Maybe tomorrow or Monday. For now am gonna go and check the bread, then read a bit and call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Says:

    Commenting from the Ubuntu machine, for the first time I think. I have four videos compiling (DVD ISOs from several files–for a teacher at the elementary school–stuff from her class this year) on my main Windoze machine, so I can’t burn the Ubuntu Server 9.04 CD I want/need to at the moment. Gotta get more burners going…seem to have a bunch of DVD-ROMs everywhere. Oh, well, waiting is–it’s getting done, been running a while, even with an Athlon 64 X 2 2.0 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. Of course, four videos at once will bog a system down. I thought it was going to do them sequentially, but it is running them concurrently. Next time I’ll know better. So, I’m here in the bedroom commenting and watching a very thought-provoking documentary film called “Jesus Camp”. It’s about evangelicals in the US, and specifically about a “Jesus Camp” to train kid evangelicals. In Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. The irony seems to be lost on the evangelicals, but it seems rather funny to me. Interesting for me to see Devil’s Lake, my first boss at the radiator shop was raised there, and seeing it brings back memories of him. And it’s always neat to see a place (even via TV) that you have only heard about from someone. Very trippy documentary, makes me think, and is also kinda scary. Lady that runs the place is making a PowerPoint right now on the documentary, talk about Evil! LOL! They were praying over EVERYTHING earlier, including specifically the PowerPoint and the electrical service and, well, EVERYTHING. If you get a chance, watch it. I think you will see some familiar people, even though there is no one on there that you or I would know, if you know what I mean.

    Yesterday, let’s see, what did I do yesterday–oh yeah, I did some other video stuff for the same teacher. Yes, I guess that’s a lot of video, but this one was for the entire grade, a slideshow to show before they do their end-of-year program. For some reason the .vob file that was in the folder that I usually use to check when a DVD ISO is made correctly was truncated, but when I virtually mounted the ISO it was OK. And the DVD (which I didn’t burn until I had mounted and checked the ISO–I’m learning, slowly, but I’m learning) was OK also. I don’t have to know why things do the way they do, if I just know what/how to check so that I know it’s right. Understanding can come later, hopefully…still watching the documentary, I just love the way evangelicals LOVE to put down science, it doesn’t prove anything, while they are standing there with a camcorder in their hands recording stuff. Yeah, science doesn’t do s**t. And the lady saying “I feel like I’m on the cover of ‘Rolling Stones!’ (sic)” Sorry for all these interjections, it’s hard not to do while this is running in here. Multi-tracking, if not quite multi-tasking…in the afternoon I went to the bread store in Saks, where for the 3rd time in a row they had exactly FOUR loaves of bread of the kind we like. I told the lady at the checkout that I was beginning to suspect a conspiracy, and she said “It’s not a conspiracy, we just know your coming!” leaving me wondering what is NOT conspiratorial about that remark. Then to Lowe’s to make another payment on the dryer (still no interest for about 5 months–we’ll get it paid off fine with no interest) where I ran into my mother and let her know I would drop by later and see her. Then to Wally World for some things, and to the elementary school to get the files I needed for all the videos I’m doing. Well, one file, actually–had to add music to a slideshow and compile it as a (Gnu forgive me) .wmv. Well, that’s what Picasa does, and the DVD program I use doesn’t care if it’s in .wmv, so what do I care? (Another interjection–watching what this lady is doing to these kids makes me think that if this were anything but a religious activity, this film could be used as Exhibit A in a child abuse trial. “Indoctrination” is too mild a term–did she get her ideas on influencing people from Leni Riefenstahl?) Then home, where I changed and went to my mother’s to visit for a while. When the wife got off work she came over there for a little bit, and then the wife and I went to her cousin’s house for a graduation party for the cousin’s daughter–just graduated with a civil engineering degree, and is about to go to work in Georgia at a nuclear reactor! Cool! We had a good time and stayed there until nearly midnight. Came home, went to bed, and got up at 5:30 this morning. After a couple of cups of coffee I went to town and got the one file I had forgotten to get yesterday (a picture for the menu background on the DVDs) and then went to Food Outlet to get some stuff. Food Outlet, however, wasn’t open yet (it was ~7:12 and they don’t open until 8:00) so I went to Murphy’s to fill up the truck. The credit card authorization was down, so I went on to Wally World. Checked with TWO different people there to be sure that their credit card authorization was working, and then got the stuff I was going to at Food Outlet. Checked out, went home, and while breakfast cooked started the videos going. The first one started about 8:12 and the last about 8:24 or so, I’ll have to go see if they are finished yet. It’s 12:20–one second….OK, it’s 12:44 now, and the DVD creation failed. There was an error message, and the DVD ISOs were 0 KB, so I started over. Actually, I killed everything, deleted everything it had made, and set the virtual memory to the recommended amount–I had forgotten to do that when I upgraded the RAM a while back. Oops. Then I rebooted, and now I’m burning the Ubuntu Cd. Then I’ll kick off ONE DVD creation event, and then do the others one at a time after that. Learning is.

    Well, the documentary is winding down. They just had a segment where one of the kids (a preaching 12 year old) just sat through a service by Ted Haggard. This was pre-closet opening, I would guess, from the message good ole Ted was preaching. These folks are actively telling the kids to make the government into what they want it to be. Whatever happened to helping folks and not judging? I thought God had reserved that for himself.

    Oh, well, this has been a very disjointed comment, but it’s just the way it came out. Hope it’s not too bad on you, and whoever reads it. Have a good day!


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