Sunday out and about

But only out to a couple of places and not much about other than taking a different route there and back. Headed north and made a stop in at the new Cedar Spring Trade Day/Flea Market where we got exactly nothing. Would have gotten a couple of things but the vendors were either too busy talking or smoking ciggies to be interrupted so we headed on toward the 431 flea markets. Took a wrong turn a couple of times and ended up driving a few miles out of the way but made it there none the less. Stopped in at a friends new salvage grocery store, then wandered on into Flamingos where we talked to a couple of folks and got a few books then went back to do a bit of grocery shopping. Ended up spending most of the afternoon munching on one thing or another and talking in between customers. Finally left around 4 and came back via Reads Mill road and Seven Springs road. Made the trip a bit shorter and slower which was fine with me. Got back here and took a much needed nap then got up and been browsing since. Gonna call it a night and see what the morrow brings when we get up. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Sunday out and about”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    You know about the first part of my Sunday. After I commented, I checked and the Ubuntu Server CD had failed during burning, which was not what I wanted to find. Did some checking, and discovered that the data storage disk on my desktop was down to about 35 MB. Oops. Guess all those video temp files and such had eaten up the (not-as-big-as-it-should-have-been) beginning available space. So, I spent the afternoon/evening deleting and moving files, and then doing some much-needed defragging. After which I deleted/moved a few more, and defragged again. Finally got a BUNCH more free space going, and was able to start compiling the DVD ISOs last night. Also, my Ubuntu machine in the bedroom boots to a blank screen now–it ran an update, and I guess something didn’t like it. I guess I’ll Google something about it soon–must be a way to boot into a command line and get into the video so see what is borked. Just didn’t have what it took yesterday, with other things going on. Ended up staying up till about 11:30 kicking off DVDs and surfing–mainly youtube for music, and Google/Wikipedia for information about the musicians. Finally kicked off the last one and went to bed.

    Got up around 9:00 or a little after, did breakfast and washed dishes, and then the son and I went and put up the big screen at the elementary gym. Fun as always. Then went to Murphy’s by Wally World to gas up. The highway 21/Douthit Dr. intersection was blocked on our side by the remains of an accident. There was a Chevy or GMC pickup (70s or 80s model–mostly red, with some black panels–looked like it wasn’t a spring chicken BEFORE the wreck) off to the side in the Co-Op parking lot, with the left-front wheel about where you usually find the alternator pulley. Got hit pretty good. The remains of a range were lying in the intersection still. Did not see the other vehicle(s) involved, was trying not to add to the carnage meself. Gassed up (and of course gas had gone up since I tried yesterday and the credit card validator was down) and then went to Wally World and got a few things. Came home and fixed the paper towel holder, and now here I am. Going to look at some small trees that have sprung up in a neglected garden and see what it will take to get them up, as the wife has plans now for the garden. Will grill a little bit later. Got some sirloin yesterday and have had it marinating for almost 24 hours now.

    Have a good one! We’re going to try and do the same here…


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