An Unmemorial Memorial Day

Been a mostly stay in and do little day here at the farm. Thought about putting some of the tomato plants out and then the rain started again so decided to wait till another day. Done a bit on the computer, cooked, eaten, slept, done some reading and that’s about it. May go to Calcis tomorrow, not sure yet. Will see what the day brings when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “An Unmemorial Memorial Day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a so-so Memorial Day, activity-wise. The son and I went to the elementary school and put up the big screen for this week’s end-of-school productions. Then got gas and went to Wally World and went home. Once home we went out (after a short break) and attacked a small garden plot (flower garden, that is) that had been neglected for a few years and had grown up. With about four small pine trees, among other things. We were able to dig around them and then pull them up. Was going to use the truck to pull them up, but it was too wet for traction, so we did it by hand. Easier than I thought it would be. The son went off to other things, and I started out just watching the wife clear out the plot to seed some sunflowers, and then decided to take out the bunch of small trees next to the plot. I had cut a tree down several years ago, and the stump had sprouted numerous shoots, which had grown to respectable size. We are planning to have a stump or two ground up, so I decided it would be a good time to make another stump. Waded in with clippers to get the small stuff, and a bow saw to get the not-so-small stuff. Took a little while, but it’s gone now. Then went and lit the charcoal and got the preparations for grilling going, and once the charcoal was caught, went and showered. Needed it pretty bad by then. The rest of the evening was grilling and supper, and relaxing and trying not to irritate the muscles I had overtaxed earlier.

    Up now the next morning, and not as sore as I was afraid I would be. About to get a cup of java and start the morning. Already burning a DVD, got two more to go.

    Have a good day!


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