No Brainer of the Day: Making biodiesel at home is dangerous

No Brainer of the Day: Making biodiesel at home is dangerous

Talk about scare mongering! As one of the commenters points out it’s all about control. They talk about fires caused in 5 states and ONE(!) house burned down, okay how many houses have been burned down in the last year by faulty electrical wiring? Can we just ban electricity in houses while we’re at it too? Bunch of nanny state arsehats running around screaming the sky is falling! A pox on ALL their houses (and newspapers)…


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One Response to “No Brainer of the Day: Making biodiesel at home is dangerous”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    So, if you mess up using chemicals (and I can tell you from personal experience, there are a LOT of ways to mess up using lye, not to mention methanol), you can cause fires, and fires can burn houses down? Amazing! I learn something every day!

    Nothing to see here, move along. ANY industrial process can cause you to burn things up, or lead to people calling you “Lefty”, or any number of other not-so-good things. The lesson here is, nothing is foolproof, and fools shouldn’t attempt much of anything without supervision.

    Now, if we just had more supervisors to go around, as the supply of fools seems to be both endless and growing, despite the fact that they remove themselves from the gene pool at a regular rate. Of course, fools tend to reproduce early, so….


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