Iffin it ain’t one thing tis another or two

Cat’s been having trouble with her scanner for a week or so now as have I with mine. Decided to get back to scanning as long as it would let me this morning. Got a couple of hours into it when it started streaking on me, so got the backup one out, which decided to die. Opened it up and fiddled with it’s guts for a bit before giving up. As we needed to go out for a bit this afternoon anyway, went by Helping Hands at Alexandria but the only one they had was an old parallel port machine. Went to Jacksonville and did what was needed there then went south on 21 but were too late to check at Second Hand Tails. On south but the new thrift shop at Lenlock wasn’t open yet, so went by the one on 431 that I have been so unhappy with in the past. They had several but no power supplies nor was the “electronics” guy interested in helping. We picked up one anyway that looked ok but on getting it home, it doesn’t work, so I suspect that was $$$ pissed away as they have a no refunds no exchanges policy. Opened the one that was streaking up and after unplugging and replugging cables and putting it back together it worked again. For about 2 hours and then did it again but at a different spot on the page. Got it turned off and cooling now. Not sure if I’ll try any more tonight or not. Am about done in. Again not sure what the morrow will bring. Guess we will find out when it gets here, so till then… πŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Iffin it ain’t one thing tis another or two”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas a busy day for me. Running around the elementary school doing several things in the morning, including a rather late update of some events on the website. We’re going to have to try and train some more people to administer the website–I say “try” because while it is not difficult, all of the people who would be natural candidates for the job already have enough to do, and are smart enough to realize that the more they know HOW to do, the more they WILL have to do. We’ll work on it, because WE don’t need to be the ones updating the info, we are not “in the loop” enough to keep it up to date. And Gnu knows, we have enough to do ourselves…(insert smiley HERE–mine always fail…)

    Mainly just ran around passing water on small quick oxidation points, if you get what I mean, until the cable guy showed up. I anchored the ladder for him while he cut/spliced/split the cable in the gym. Then we got the camera and rf converter set up in there, and it was good! Set up VCRs and projectors and screens (2 of each) and a speaker (one is enough) in the lunchroom, now if we can just persuade some people that it is better to sit in the lunchroom to watch the graduation rather than stand outside the gym. Because when all the seats (and they are legion, but almost certainly not enough) get filled, there IS no standing room left.

    Finally left about quarter to six, picked up chinese food, and went home. Ate and watched TV (Mythbusters was cool! Thermite and ice produces an explosion! Always wanted to play with thermite…) Went to bed very sore and tired. Up now and eating chinese for breakfast (doesn’t everyone?) and about to go get ready and head out. Today is running flat out for about an hour and a half, watching the TV and praying that nothing screws up, and then “who knows?” once school is dimissed. Things will be interesting.

    Have a good one!


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