Not so exciting Saturday at the yard sales

Got out and went to the bank then started checking the yard sales as we came to them. First one was a mostly junk with a few interesting pieces but as nothing was priced I had doubts. Asked a few prices and she wanted a bit too much (or more than I would pay anyway). Was fixing to leave when Cat noticed some magazines that she was interested in. I asked the price and was told $3.00 each. I snorted quite loudly and walked off. Cat stayed a minute longer trying to be polite then came on to the truck about the time I was getting ready to blow the horn. When they want $3.00 each for old damaged magazines at a yard sale the time for polite has passed in my opinion. Tis best I leave before saying something like “You’re barking at the moon mad, biatch!” or something along those lines but with more f words included.

Next one we didn’t even bother stopping for as was all or mostly baby clothes. Another one Cat got some books her mom had asked her to be on the look out for. Two others with mostly nothing but kids stuff and Cat got a hat for a quarter. Got a call from my Mom telling me that she had gotten a new monitor so being close we swung by and I hooked it up for her. Nice 20″ (?) HP flat screen. Left there and headed up through Weaver and stopped at one with nothing we were interested in, then went by two others that were kids stuff and again didn’t even stop. Tried for several more but they were either closed down or old signs as we couldn’t find them.

Made a swing by Wally World in Jacksonville as a pit stop then came in for the day. After eating I posted a bunch of magazines to the booth at Bonanzle. And yes they are magazines and I AM asking a rather high price for them but they ARE collectors items, they are in very good shape, and this ain’t no yard sale. šŸ˜‰ Since been reading and then took apart the flaky flat screen monitor. Got a couple of transistors that have gotten pretty hot, but as it will still come on for a second or so at a time, and then blink out, I’m suspecting it has some bad power supply capacitors, but will need to get the soldering iron and cap checker out to be sure. For now an gonna run out and pick up a couple of things at the store. May or may not post again tonight. Till the next time… šŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Not so exciting Saturday at the yard sales”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like how it usually goes with me at yard sales. Though I do occasionally find something I like–usually something like a cup like I like. I like the double-wall mugs that are about 5 or 6 bucks at Wally World, and can sometimes be found for a quarter at yard sales. Will have to get out to some again…

    Took it easy this morning. Drank coffee and eventually ate breakfast. Did some stuff inside until about 2:00 (waiting for the hottest part of the day, I guess) and then the wife and I went out and started rummaging around the storage building. Pulled some stuff out, moved a lot of stuff around, put up some hooks and hung some stuff up, and actually made it better in there! I took six computers and went through them for anything useful (not much) and put them back where I can get to them easily. Plan to take them to the landfill either during the week (if I can get away from work early enough) or Saturday morning. Showered and will be getting the rest of the way dressed soon, we are going to Mata’s and eat. Everywhere around here just doesn’t appeal to us right now, and Mata’s is good! And I feel like going, so we are. Wish I could have a beer along with my grinder and salad, but that wouldn’t be prudent.

    Have some bike frames and parts that I am either going to take to the bike shop in J’ville or the landfill, depending. Got another one ( a good bike) that needs the pedals changed out–one has been removed, and the other one is being a real biatch. Might get with you about how to get the thing out of there, with air in the tires and new pedals, it will be good to go, methinks.

    Well, gotta go get ready to go. Have a good one!

    PS–put Ubuntu 9.04 on a computer and it started doing some weird stuff–namely losing it’s video when it boots. You see the “progress bar” and then the screen goes “click!” like the driver is kicking in, and the LED light stays green, and….nothing. It’s an Intel board, 845G something, I think, with onboard video. It worked fine for a while, and then this came up. I reinstalled Ubuntu, and it did the same thing, only on the second reboot, rather than about the fourth or fifth. If you have any ideas or suggestions, it would be very welcome. Thanx!


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