June 1

Six months into the year and still doing mostly nothing most days. Made a trip to the post office this morning to send out some e-bay stuff. Came back and put some tomato plants out. Had planned on doing them all but it got too hot for me so only did about half of them. Came in, cleaned up and did a bit of scanning and then some reading. Warmed and ate lunch, then put up some pegboard in Cat’s office, and a bit more reading. Took a trip to Wally World and the Dollar Tree at Lenlock and picked up assorted stuff. Back home, where I started some rice cooking and then went out and finished planting the tomatoes. Back inside and finished cooking and eating supper, then spent some time on the computer doing this and that. Took a break and read a bit more then back on to do the daily blog bit. Not sure what the morrow will bring, will see when it gets here. So till then… πŸ˜‰


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3 Responses to “June 1”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Five months, actually–it will be six on July 1st. And Yes, I am anal-retentive…

    Had an atypical Monday. Went it to work and attended a meeting all day about how to implement technology into the classroom–specifically, the new technology guidelines from the state. There was actually some good, interesting discussion. Left right after lunch for a doctor’s appointment in Gadsden. Was out of the doctor’s office in 36 minutes, a new record! Went home, and wound up napping for a couple of hours, which just screwed me up. A lot of times when I nap in the afternoon my head gets really weird, and it happened yesterday. Finally got out of it about the time I went to bed. Great. Nothing really bad, just feel lodgy and muggy. Oh, well, it’s another day now.

    Stay cool. That heat out there is a real bummer.


  2. depatty Says:

    Why yes, you certainly are. πŸ˜‰ Guess I should have said: “The sixth month into the year”…


  3. Steve Says:

    I not only am, I kinda treasure it!

    No, wait, that didn’t come out right….

    No, that last one didn’t sound right either…

    Quitting while I can now…….


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