Hump day done

Took some stuff to the post office this am to ship out, then headed right back home. Did a bit of scanning, got some streaking so then worked on the shorted logic board that had been in the scanner when I got it, found the shorted diode, replaced it and put it back in the scanner. Did some more scanning. Heated and ate lunch. Scanner after being on a couple of hours started streaking again. Starting to wonder about the power supply which is a wall wart. Got another one but need to crack it open and find the intermittent connection. Guess that’s next. Worked on getting some more stuff listed on Bonanzle and then found that my Google data feed had bad and/or incorrect data in it. So spent a while finding the problem and starting to correct it. Am 3 1/2 pages done right now with 6+ to go on the correcting and adding traits and attributes. Then I can get back to adding the stuff I already have scanned and ready to go up. For now am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night. So till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    It humped some yesterday, didn’t it? Just one of those days–stayed reasonably busy, but didn’t get a lot done. I wonder about the wall wart also, have had some trouble with HPs along those lines.

    Started out at the workbuilding, where I installed PCLinuxOS 2009.1 on the machine I did have Ubuntu Server 9.04 on. Runs fine, and the configuration is easier than the command line for Samba (at least somewhat) but I STILL haven’t gotten the damn drive to share like I want it to. I can see it fine, but can’t put anything in it. Yes, I know it’s a permission thing, I just don’t know yet where to go/what to do when I get there. Though once I find where to go, I think I’ll be able to figure out what to do…

    Went to the central office for lunch, and wound up staying up there for several things. Just one of those days. Came home and fixed oven-grilled burgers (sorta–they were good, anyway) and fries. The wife came home with her voice 90% gone–no known reason, it just went. Went to bed and when she got up this morning it’s pretty much 100% gone. This too shall pass…

    Well, we are going to see if we can get better data flow via the Internet at the high school today. There is SOMETHING weird going on over there, and we need to figure it out. We’ll see–going to get our ISP in on it today.

    Have a good one!


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