Another Thursday gone

Took another batch of stuff to the PO this morning and then came home again. Did a few things around here and then went by the folks house to pick up some stuff. From there went toward Wally World in Lenlock and stopped by and talked to Fred and Laura Vaughn for a few to try and unload more kittens but were unsuccessful in the attempt. Laura wants but Fred doesn’t. May take them by to visit later this week to show just how cute they really are. Headed on south and did the Wally World thing which involved spending a lot more than I had planned on as we got a First-up 10×10 gazebo to do trade days and flea markets with. Came back home and ate a LATE lunch then took a letter to the PO that we had forgotten to mail the other 3 times we had been by one today, and while out went to Food Land at Alexandria where they had a bunch of stuff on sale at fair to good prices. Came home, unloaded, put up, and settled in for the evening. I got a bunch of stuff redone on Bonanzle and am waiting till the morning to see how the Google Base upload goes this time. Seems like every time I change stuff it kicks out stuff I haven’t changed. Not sure what is going on but am getting REAL tired of having to keep changing 200+ items at the whim of some numb nuts at Google. If it weren’t for being at their mercy for and needing the sales I’d quit fighting it and walk away but…
Just finished cooking and eating supper and am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another Thursday gone”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    OMG! Trying to talk people into taking kittens! Next thing you know, you’ll be using Windows! See, it’s a slippery slope once you give in to the Dark Side!

    Naw, you couldn’t ever go THAT bad….

    Had a day. Did stuff in the workbuilding, mainly, with a few other things thrown in. Will get back to that hard drive, but not today. Today is “The Great Lab Reassembly Day”. And there was NO rejoicing. Ah, well, we have student help to do the grunt work, and it looks like ALL of the IT department will be in there pitching–all three of us! Woot! Should go OK, I guess, and we were able to get the supercomputer people to straighten out some glitches in our network that SHOULD speed things up at the high school. “SHOULD” being the operative word. Crossing all kinds of digits here….

    Got home and found the wife home early from work, with still no voice, and wanting to go see Star Trek. So we went to Star Trek. Ate at Dad’s BBQ on Noble on the way. Movie was good, but absolutely DESTROYS the entire timeline for Star Trek. Time travel will do that, they say…wonder why I haven’t heard about that from ANYONE? Oh, well, they sure left a lot of room to do whatever they want to, and the franchise was about bound up by all that had gone before, but Wow! What a lot of changes!

    Came home, went to bed, and now have bacon that smells about ready in the oven. Gotta go finish breakfast, and get to work. Have a good day, and thanks for the help!


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