Junk Sale Friday

Started the morning with the usual trip to the PO to ship stuff out. Then took a swing through Weaver and ended up at the Rummage Sale at the West Weaver Baptist Church. Picked up several craft kits and assorted bits and pieces. Looked at a set of dishes but left without getting them. Went and looked around at other places hoping to run upon more sales but didn’t fine any more in the Weaver area so made a run to the bread store on 431. Saw a sign on the way there but wasn’t able to read it at that time so came back the same way and it was a yard sale sign and arrow. Followed the arrow and after a couple of turns came to the sale. Got a fair pile of stuff there for very reasonable prices. Loaded our goodies up and came home, where we unloaded the mornings haul and then fixed sandwiches and ate. I checked some prices online and we went back to the Rummage sale where we got the dishes and a casserole dish lid. Put some more miles on the truck but didn’t find any more places having sales so came home. Unpacked and put up the First-Up gazebo. Took about 7 to 10 minutes for the first raising. Next one should go a lot faster. Gathered the table stands up and spent most of the rest of the afternoon taking nails out of lumber and getting things ready to put the tables together. Got it as ready as we can without cutting stuff and didn’t want to go there this afternoon so will wait till tomorrow to do that. Came in and have got supper going as I type this. From the way I am feeling right now is gonna be an early night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Junk Sale Friday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a busy Friday meself. Got up and did breakfast, and then headed to the high school. We spent all day working on the four computer labs that got the floors waxed this week that will be used for summer school next week. Nothing like having plenty of time to do things…went pretty well, actually. Three labs are done, and the fourth one has all the student machines hooked up. Am going back there in just a little bit and finishing it. When it got to be about 5:00 last night I was wore out and not up to another 3 hours or so. Not when I had a choice, so I went home. Did a few things (mainly talking and watching) and then showered, and in the shower remembered something I was supposed to go by and do on the way home. So, I got out of the shower, got dressed, and went to central office and did it. Came home again. Stayed home again, and went to bed about 10:00–very sore and tired. Got to sleep and stayed that way for the most part until this morning. Now up and getting ready to finish up the labs, and get medicine, and go to Wally World for dang near EVERYTHING. Nice to have a quiet day coming up…

    Have a good one!


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