The Sunday that was

Started out this morning at about 7:30 and headed to the Cedar Springs Flea Market. Got there and set up the booth which took about 20 to 25 minutes for the tent and 5 tables of stuff set out. Went in and after a cup of coffee helped Pam with some of her stuff and got to talking about glass. She had a bunch she needed to get rid of and made me a deal I COULDN’T refuse. May not eat for a week or two but bought a wall full of glass, ceramics and pottery. We moved all the stuff we had brought to the bottom shelves and moved about half of the glass and stuff outside to our booth which filled it up. She packed the rest of it in boxes. I talked to Pierre and rented a room to open a permanent booth out there. Made a few small (very small) sales and then ate lunch. After she got everything packed up that we had bought she tells me that she has more she will make the same deal on and we go and look at it. I talk to Cat and she goes and looks at it and we take it too. This batch is already in the room that we are going to rent so doesn’t have to be moved right now. Tis about mid afternoon by this time. Pierre and I talk about some other things and then he and Pam need to go eat when a customer wants to buy two displays she has stuff on at her booth in the parking lot. She starts unloading them and hollers and tells me that if we will pack the stuff up that’s outside we can have it in the same deal. We agree… 3 hours of steady packing and 2 additional trips home with truckloads, we finally get the last stuff, tables and tent packed up and head home.with the last truckload of the night. Had to leave the 2 folding tables and a headboard out there to get tomorrow. And there are 7 or so box loads still out there stored as well as the room full we haven’t touched yet. Cat is quite sunburned and we are both completely exhausted to the point that we haven’t unloaded the last truck full we brought home. Am cooking supper in between typing this and after eating if I can feel my feet again I might unload part of it, but most likely will wait till tomorrow morning to get the stuff inside. Have got to go back out and work on a motor for a fan as well as take some hardware cloth out to put over the areas a kid could stick a finger into and that needs to be done by Tuesday evening by the time the auction starts.
Have eaten and even though I can feel the feet again (they hurt) am not gonna do any more tonight. Will get back at it tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “The Sunday that was”

  1. Steve Says:

    I meant to go out there today, and let it slip away. If you will be out there on a regular basis, I guess we’ll make it out there, maybe next weekend.

    Till then!

    BTW, what are the landfill hours? I keep forgetting to fall, and figured you might know…


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