Long Wednesday

Did the Wally World thing this am then went west and south to Calcis. Unloaded stuff and then Cat checked the scanner out. Said it needed a driver but with the past history of this model scanner I think it has bad caps. So we brought it back with us. Stopped on the way back at Richie’s This and That were we got a few things. Cat found a book, I found a straw hat for my Dad, then I went back in to get a ceramic bottle in red and brass and ended up with a set of 6 green glass mugs with gold rims. Back on the road and after a stop at my folks house to drop off the hat came on home. Unloaded the stuff and then I went back to work on the monitor cabinets.

Took all the crossover and control components apart on the only complete unit and rewired them as they should have been from the factory though I had to use the L-pad off of one of the other ones as the one on that unit was burned up, which probably explains why that horn survived when the horns on the other 3 died a smoky death. And it now works right! The L-pad actually adjusts just the horn rather than the entire cabinet. And by putting the 2.2 mfd cap between the input jacks and the L-pad, the impedance of the cabinet is actually 8 ohms instead of something less, as wired the factory way. Looks like about $60 worth of parts will make all 4 of them fully functional and put them back into service so I can put them up for sale.

After getting that worked out, fixed and ate supper. Got to go out and pay some bills tomorrow. Not sure what else the day will bring. As I am about ready to call it an early night, I will bid y’all a good night and close this till the morrow… 😉


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One Response to “Long Wednesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a somewhat long day attempting to do things, some of which cooperated. A few, but very few. Spent a good bit of time searching several hard drives and many floppy disks in search of the electronic copies of some documents. We found one, but not the other two. They can be retyped, but trying to avoid that. Spent a good bit of time with the file server to be, made some progress just about the time my mind decided it was done for the day. Got a flea pill for one of the dogs, pizza for us, and went home. Didn’t do much at all last night, took advantage of having a computer in the bedroom to surf a little bit, and read mail. I’ll jump in and check stuff on that file server in re your mail. I’m getting close….

    Have a good day!


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