Thursday out and about

Got out this morning somewhat early and went to Anniston to pay some bills. Made a stop at Wally World and the Dollar Tree to get some pricing labels and other stuff. After the assorted stops went by the Salvation Army and picked up some stuff including a cut glass pedestal dish, 6 Sheffield Anniversary pattern saucers, and heavy glass cake dome. Went south a bit and stopped at a somewhat new salvage/used stuff shop, where Cat got a book. Saw several interesting things but the prices were a bit high for me. Stopped back by the Re-Store and looked around a bit. Cat found a roll of black cloth and a tape measure and I got a silver plate shell dish. Then home to cut off the computers prior to the storm coming through. After the first wave came through we turned things back on and the second wave was almost done without any problems when there was a close lightening strike. Cut the computers off and then I went up and unplugged the modem and router and unhooked the cable from the modem. Storm passed and went back up to rehook things and the modem wouldn’t find the uplink. Waited about 15 minutes and then called the cable office and as they didn’t show any outages in the area put in a trouble ticket on the outage. About an hour later was back upstairs and all the lights were green and we had a connection. Cable guy came by a few minutes later and said they had been working on the line but should not have had an outage. Tis still working so no idea. He said call if it went out again…
Been unpacking, cleaning up, looking up, and sorting glass, china, and collectibles. Got one box unpacked and half a door (table top) filled and stacked on top of. Still got MANY more boxes to go. Gonna try to get out to the school tomorrow and pick up a few more boxes and pieces to clear the room on out so we can start working out there some. Will also be sorting and packing stuff to go out Sat and Sun to do the flea market thing. for now am about done in, so will close till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Thursday out and about”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Weather was tricky yesterday. Sunny, humid, and hot, then cloudy, humid and hot. Then rain and lightning. Then sunny, humid, and hot. Then rain and lightning. Very chimeral.

    Had a this ‘n that day. Did a little bit of everything. Have to go get ready, have to have the workbuilding open at 8:00 without fail. That’s when I’m usually there anyway, if not at the high school, but want to be sure…have a good one.


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