Tired Sunday

Got up, fixed and ate breakfast, finished loading the truck, and headed out to the Cedar Springs Flea Market even though the radar showed rain headed our way and it looked like it would hit around 1 at the speed it was traveling. Got there and pulled into the parking lot at the same time as the only other guy vending today. So we set up side by side, and awaited the hordes. Which never showed up. Had a few lookers and even sold 3 items for a grand total of $1.75. Sirens went off about 11:40 with a severe thunderstorm warning till 12:45. I went in and got Pierre to check the radar and it looked like we had about 30 to 45 minutes before it hit so we started packing up. Got our stuff in the truck about the time the first raindrops started falling, then helped James finish packing his stuff up and hauled a bunch of it into the school as it started coming down and there wasn’t time to pack it in his van. Got it all put under cover and most of the rain stopped. We stood and talked a few minutes and then headed home. Got here and checked the radar about the time the real rain started. Stuff is still in the truck as I type and will stay there till tomorrow morning. Just ain’t been up to hauling it in this afternoon or evening. Guess we will load up and try Poor Man’s in Gadsden on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and see how it goes over there. Plan to continue to do Cedar Springs on the weekends. Will try to get the rest of our stuff out of the room this week and see if I can find and repair the wiring problems and get the vent fan going in there. Bit by bit. For now am gonna go up and read a bit, then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Tired Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    My Sunday was tired too. Got up a little before 4 with, uh, “intestinal difficulties” and never got back to sleep. By the time I was sleepy, it was time to go to church. Did church, Sunday school, and Wally World, then went home. The wife made a cheese ball and ate lunch, and then went to Gadsden to celebrate Father’s Day a week early with her dad. She works next weekend. I stayed home and did a bunch of nothing. Just never got my energy going, and never did nap either. Oh well–mama told me there would be days like these…

    Another day! Hope it goes well for y’all.


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