Monday bits

Got the truck unloaded, after moving the plants outside (a couple of months late again this year) and doing a bit of moving and rearranging otherwise inside. Decided to add a second floor to the bed of the pickup so as to allow the table pieces to be under the boxes and yet be accessible and come out first and able to go in last. Will see if I have enough wood here or if we will have to go to Lowe’s to get it tomorrow. Took some Ebay stuff to the PO in Alexandria, paid the water bill, and came home. Fixed and ate lunch and then took a break and did some reading. Worked on getting another website up and going in between times this morning and afternoon. Not sure if I am gonna use it as I had hoped to be able to or not. Will have to get a bit further along and then see. Cooked and ate supper and been reading since. Hoping for more energy tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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