Monday night weather wakeup call

Was planning on hitting the sack earlier, then got a call from a friend and while talking the sirens went off. So we talked weather for a while and then as it got closer hung up and I moved the truck to the field just in case. Still having warnings go off but the maps look like the really bad stuff has started breaking up and most likely won’t get to us. Have turned off the desktop machines and are in the q-hut with the laptops. Got the flashlight, candles and lighter handy in the hope that by being prepared the stuff won’t be needed.
Starting to get some wind gusts and having stuff hit the roof.
Had the first power outage. Guess I will shut things down for the duration.

Update for when we get a connection again: Lost the cable at 10:35 pm. Indications from the modem is that either the local hub or the line itself was knocked out. Will post this when/if it comes back up. Candles lit and listening to the torrents coming down. Wind isn’t as bad as it was a few minutes ago so am hoping the worst of this first wave has about passed by.

10:43 pm – Rain starting to let up.
10:47 pm – Hooked the cable back to the modem and powered everything up but no joy. One light on and the second blinking like the line is down or the local node/amplifier is out. Either way tis not good as far as getting it back tonight.
Took a walk out to look at the line and it’s still up from the road to the building so tis somewhere on the trunk. Rain has almost quit from the first wave. Since the internet is down not sure what the second wave looks like but it was breaking up earlier so hopefully that hasn’t changed. For now am gonna hit the sack and see if we have a connection in the morning. Till then…


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