Another hot one

Outside sensor showed 103.6 F as the high today. Suspect I need to move it to a different location but whatever, it was HOT today. In the truck riding with windows down the wind hitting my face and arm was warm. And summer is a few days away yet…

Went out this morning and mailed some e-bay stuff, then back by here to get the grocery list and then to Jacksonville to Sav-A-Lots and then Wally World and then back home. Spent most of the afternoon inside in the AC. Got out for a bit and cut a couple of boards to build a deck in the back of the truck to support the boxes of merchandise while the boards and such for the tables are underneath so we don’t have to take them in and out. Went over to the storage trailer and got some plywood to deck it with.

Getting ready to move the computer and desk in there too. Just got to do a lot of moving and rearranging first. For now am gonna go into the ac and cool off a bit then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another hot one”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes, it was, it is, and it shall be HOT. ‘Tis June in Alabama, that’s about all there is to say. Except that in my truck, where the passenger side window won’t roll down, the air coming in my window actually feels cool. At least compared to what has built up in the oven, err, I mean CAB of my truck….seriously thinking about what I could cook in there during the day. Seriously.

    Had a better day yesterday than the day before. Actually, the day before was pretty good, right up until when I cloned the blank drive over the source drive. Oops. Always knew I would do that some day…at least I did it during a non-time-critical time. Spent all day yesterday building the image again whilst doing other things–like eradicating one of those “OMG! You’ve got viruses! Click here and let us rape your credit card!” malwares. Ran the Antivir boot CD, it found three things. After that, IE was still crazy (well, crazier than usual, that is) so I ran another anti-spyware program. It only found 572 things. 520 of them were tracking cookies, but the other 52 were Bad Things. Computer seems cured now, I did some other stuff to help make it cleaner, but Yes, there are times when I wish we ran Linux…

    Got the image done, and cloned it to the original source drive (and booted from the drive I cloned to just to be sure) and then left, since it was pushing five o’clock. Went to Wally World and bought some stuff to do pork szezwhan and fried rice. Went home and spent about an hour cutting everything up and then made a very big supper. Got a lot of leftovers. It was good, if I say so meself. Watched some TV, did some time on the Internet, and went to bed.

    Now it is time for another day. REALLY glad I’m not at the radiator shop anymore, this time of year redefined the words “hot” and “crazy”. Don’t miss that part at all…..have a good one!


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